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Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: Black and White

5 February 2009

Without further ado and as promised, here’s the tutorial I prepared which will help you convert your colored digital photographs into impressive black and white images. This guide may have been prepared using Adobe Photoshop CS4 but they are still very much applicable if you are stuck with Photoshop 7 or CS3. (more…)

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What is this… this Baconator® thing?!

12 January 2009

It’s the rave about town, this Baconator® thing: 6 strips of bacon, 2 burger patties, 2 cheese slices, one very satisfying grub. I was all, “no way you guys wanna kill yourselves with that … that cardiac arrest inducing THING?!”

It has dragged for weeks, my disgust over this burger and the more I shake the thought off, the more I seem to think about having some. To mask my personal dilemma, I was all still MOUTH WATERING MY ASS BECAUSE I’M STILL NOT GONNA HAVE AND RAVE ABOUT THIS NON-SENSE! Just imagine the oil and the calories in that … that THING! (more…)

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Happy New Year!!!

30 December 2008

I was going to render some cool After Effects animation sequence but I don’t know if I can finish it before New Year’s Eve. Here’s wishing one and all a more awesome 2009 as we bid the great 2008 adieu. Click on the image. You know you want to LMAO. (more…)

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Random shots using the Sony DSC-W300

22 December 2008

Went to Bulacan yesterday for a good friend’s wedding and got several photos to share with you guys. Since there’s tons to do at work, I figured, as an update, I’d share something light. You may click on the photos to see their larger versions in flickr. (more…)

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TMX 11.29.08: Best. Experience. Ever.

1 December 2008

When the invite said “Luck’s on Your Side,” the organizers of The Marlboro Experience (TMX) were dead serious. They made sure the participants were treated like VIPs: from the choice of a convening area (M Cafe in Greenbelt 2), dressed-up F150 transports, police escorts on the highway (man, I can sure get used with those), welcome committee wave, tour proper (with iPods as guide), the food, adrenaline pumping activities, and contest prizes because you can never go wrong with premium Ducati/Ferrari Gear (TM) and Marlboro (TM) items. (more…)

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