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Save That Judgement After The Context

15 September 2010

Save That Judgement After The Context

I know you have struggled and that I may never truly get to know you but know that I was once very fond of you all. In my mind, I now very seldom think of you when for a period of my life, the mere mention of your name, the hint of your form, even the slightest thought of you enchanted me. You sparked a deep longing inside of me at a young age and I wanted you. To touch you. To be around you and feel your coldness against my warm skin. I longed to have you bad.

I know it’s not just me, that there are others just like me, and that I never had you and neither did they. Nobody did. You had a way of distancing yourself with a vast expanse of when more than the where that we are so used to. Know, however, that that time when I wanted you so much, I really did. I wished we could be together then. For always.

It pained me that you suffered. Of late, I heard somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you say that you hoped of making it big someday. In the end, that somebody realized that hoping to at least be remembered was an even harder feat to shoot for. I never understood your penchant of going from place to place with the little ones, believing that the next place would hold more promise than the last, and running on instinct rather than a long-term goal. I never took to heart that life hadn’t been kind to you.

As I was listening to that somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you hope “to be remembered,” the voice of reason inside my head started talking. Loud. “That can’t be it,” the voice of reason said. “For one, he‘s too clean! And too mild, too weak, and too small. And you could not have been that smart!”

I remember having held your bone. It felt like a cold lump of fake. Like a slab of granite that’s not even shaped like a bone. I just kept that thought inside my head instead of telling Ma. (Bless her for taking me to you despite her busy schedule, just because I wanted. She understood the longing. Maybe she wanted me to realize that I was wasting my time with the fanaticism. Maybe… she wanted you as much as I did.)

When I saw that somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you frolicking under the sun, bearing children with tails, surrounded by creatures with horns, and wailing in triumph that sounded more like a cry of agony, I thought, “dude, you may have won in this scene of the movie and it may look like you made it but, man, life PWND you. You and your kind died. You, those like you, and everyone else with you. During the Ice Age. Your celebration brouhaha had been all for naught! As for wanting you and being with you, the hell was I thinking?!”

[author's note: This I wrote after I saw "Dinosaurs" for the first time on the Disney Channel LOL. I'm sure you also had that "ZOMG I want anything and everything that's dinosaur related" phase, admit it! Back in the 80s, there was a dinosaur exhibit somewhere in the Metro where people may have their photographs taken while touching a real dinosaur bone for a fee. I was even given a certificate saying "Fritz has touched a real dino bone, huzzah!" but I don't know where that piece of parchment is right now. Bummer.]

McFarlaine Berserker Dragon (not a dinosaur LOL)

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“Walk the Green Mile” and Ipanema’s latest Gisele Bündchen line

1 March 2009

For the women, buy any one from Ipanema’s Gisele Bündchen (GB) Seeds line of flip-flops or sandals and you automatically get the chance to actually do the environment some good. See photos below from the GB Seeds line launch to get a feel of how durable and attractive these slippers and sandals are. I mean, those ballerinas did dance and jump using them, right? If that’s too lame an excuse, IMHO those sandals would look mighty good on women’s feet. Take a look at them. (more…)

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SMB Barkada Valentine Party: Kamikazee

17 February 2009

Given that the Mocha girls kept moving a lot to their rendition of covers that actually gave out a we-REALLY-want-to-be-THE-penultimate-Pussycat-Dolls-knock-off vibe while the Brazilian models stayed put most of the time, the true test for a camera to warrant my upgrade could well be its abhorrence of blurred photographs and its ability to mute most instances of digital noise, moreso when there’s not much light to play around with. I’ve been disappointed far too many times when around 90% of only a handful of my photographs turn out worthless owing to these modern problems confronting many digital photographers. (more…)

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SMB Barkada Valentine Party: Mocha

16 February 2009

I’ve this apprehension that this post will bring my site negative reviews with scantily clad beautiful women with pannies peeking here and there but, heck, OGC away fellers! LOL (more…)

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SMB Barkada Valentine Party: Brazilian Models

15 February 2009

I don’t thing all eight of them are Brazilians but, yeah, they call them that. This is the first of the three sets of photos I’ve taken during SMB’s Barkada Valentine Party held on February 12-13, 2009 near the SMC Compound somewhere in Ortigas. The girls were called up on stage to show the audience their favorite San Miguel manufactured beer. It was quite convenient that each of them had a different favorite from the variants. Whodathunk, yes? (more…)

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