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Save That Judgement After The Context

15 September 2010

Save That Judgement After The Context

I know you have struggled and that I may never truly get to know you but know that I was once very fond of you all. In my mind, I now very seldom think of you when for a period of my life, the mere mention of your name, the hint of your form, even the slightest thought of you enchanted me. You sparked a deep longing inside of me at a young age and I wanted you. To touch you. To be around you and feel your coldness against my warm skin. I longed to have you bad.

I know it’s not just me, that there are others just like me, and that I never had you and neither did they. Nobody did. You had a way of distancing yourself with a vast expanse of when more than the where that we are so used to. Know, however, that that time when I wanted you so much, I really did. I wished we could be together then. For always.

It pained me that you suffered. Of late, I heard somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you say that you hoped of making it big someday. In the end, that somebody realized that hoping to at least be remembered was an even harder feat to shoot for. I never understood your penchant of going from place to place with the little ones, believing that the next place would hold more promise than the last, and running on instinct rather than a long-term goal. I never took to heart that life hadn’t been kind to you.

As I was listening to that somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you hope “to be remembered,” the voice of reason inside my head started talking. Loud. “That can’t be it,” the voice of reason said. “For one, he‘s too clean! And too mild, too weak, and too small. And you could not have been that smart!”

I remember having held your bone. It felt like a cold lump of fake. Like a slab of granite that’s not even shaped like a bone. I just kept that thought inside my head instead of telling Ma. (Bless her for taking me to you despite her busy schedule, just because I wanted. She understood the longing. Maybe she wanted me to realize that I was wasting my time with the fanaticism. Maybe… she wanted you as much as I did.)

When I saw that somebody-who-wanted-to-be-you frolicking under the sun, bearing children with tails, surrounded by creatures with horns, and wailing in triumph that sounded more like a cry of agony, I thought, “dude, you may have won in this scene of the movie and it may look like you made it but, man, life PWND you. You and your kind died. You, those like you, and everyone else with you. During the Ice Age. Your celebration brouhaha had been all for naught! As for wanting you and being with you, the hell was I thinking?!”

[author's note: This I wrote after I saw "Dinosaurs" for the first time on the Disney Channel LOL. I'm sure you also had that "ZOMG I want anything and everything that's dinosaur related" phase, admit it! Back in the 80s, there was a dinosaur exhibit somewhere in the Metro where people may have their photographs taken while touching a real dinosaur bone for a fee. I was even given a certificate saying "Fritz has touched a real dino bone, huzzah!" but I don't know where that piece of parchment is right now. Bummer.]

McFarlaine Berserker Dragon (not a dinosaur LOL)

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Mantakin Mong May Binebenta Pa Palang Slumbook!

27 August 2010

Mantakin Mong May Binebenta Pa Palang Slumbook!

Wala na atang pinaka-swak pang pwedeng i-feature ko sa site ko ngayong Agosto, Buwan ng Wika, liban dito sa pinaka-kwela at mainit-init pang bagong produkto mula sa mga gumawa ng “Not The Planner 2010.” Alam nyo to, wag nyo ng i-deny pa. Dahil sa mga to kung bat tayo napasma nung mga bata pa tayo. Ito ay pinamagatang “akala mo lang wala nang slumbook pero meron, Meron, MERON!” Title pa lang, patok na patok na!

Dati-rati, ‘kala ko Pinoy ang may pasimuno ng mga slumbook. Sa US pala meron din nito pero slam book sya kung tawagin. Kajologan lang na biglang slumbook na sya sa colloquial. Taragais na ‘yan. Para sa mga hindi alam kung ano ito, dahil malay ko ba kung sing sira-ulo pa rin gaya naming Gen-Xers ang mga kabataan ngayon, ang tinatawag na slumbook ay usually isang notebook kung saan nakasulat ang mga imbentong tanong ng mayari nito na ginawa para pasulatan sa kanyang mga natatanging kaibigan. Andyan yung usual na Name, Address, Motto, Favorite Color, at mga kagaya pang “blanks.”

Kung marami kang slumbook na nasulatan noon, sikat ka. Kung marami kang napilit na sikat sa school mo na sumulat sa slumbook mo, mas sikat ka. Kung naka-yeba-yeba mo ang marami sa mga nauto mong sumulat sa slumbook mo sa murang mong edad na highschool, makati at pokpok kang haliparot ka nung bata ka pa. Ganun lang ka-simple yun.

Mapa-lalaki o babae dati ay may mga slumbook. Yung mga mayayaman, bumibili lang yan ng ready made at hard-bound na journals na magaganda ang design ng cover. Slumbook pa lang, may imaginary socio-economic divide na dati. Imaginary in a sense lang naman kasi wala namang mga matapobre sa school namin noon. Ang swerte ko nga eh. Yung mga naghihikahos naman sa buhay, yung notebook nila sa PE na wala namang nasusulat buong taon ang usually nacoconvert bigla para maging slumbook. Tinitiyaga lang nila itong sulatan ng mga katanungan, nilalagyan ng papel na overlay ang itsura ng mga artistang tulad nina Romnick at Sheryll as cover, tatahiin ang spine, at PRESTO! Instant slumbook!

Ang kina-iba siguro ng “akala mo lang wala nang slumbook pero meron, Meron, MERON!” slumbook na ito dun sa mga dati na nating nabili o nagawa ay mas bebenta to sa generation natin ngayon. Gawa itong Pinoy para sa Pinoy. Marami sa mga katanungan at blanks dyan ay nakasulat o may Filipino captions. Titigilan ko na pagsulat kasi alam kong dumudugo na ilong nyo kababasa nito.

On with the photos! Yung description ng specs, how to order, website, at FAQs ilalagay ko na lang pagkatapos nitong mga pics.

Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co (cover)
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co (layout)
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co (third page preview)
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co (notebook pages)
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co
Slumbook by Witty Will Save The World Co (back cover)

Maganda ang material ng slumbook. OK rin sa binding. Makakapal ang papel at alam mong de-kalidad. P200.00 lang sya. Mahal sya para sa kabataang nag-aaral pa lang pero sisiw na sisiw sa mga tanders na may mga trabaho na’t gustong gunitain ang days of our lives nung tayo’t mga virgin pang lahat.

Eto ang iba pang details na marahil gusto mong malaman tungkol sa “Akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero meron, Meron, MERON!” Notebook/Slumbook:

Size: 6in x 6in
Thickness: 1in
Cover: Chipboard covered with Red Cloth with black stamping
Paper: Bookpaper 60
Leaves: 123 leaves (246 pages)
Print: 90 pages 1 –color print
Price: PHP200 only.

Slumbook: 20 friends can sign!
Notebook: There are 90 leaves of notebook!

Website: Witty Will Save The World, Co.’s multiply page
Facebook page: Witty Will Save The World, Co.
More photos from the makers: please click here. (kung ako sayo, wag mo i-clock para may suspense ka pag natanggap mo ang bibilhin mong slumbook. Payong kaibigan lang, mamser)
FAQs on the slumbook and how to order: please go here.
Transact via text or email: through text 0906-4652191 or email wittywillsavetheworld at gmail dot com.

Na-excite ka ba? Aminin mo na! Give in! Uuuuuy, magte-text na yan! LOL. Sa mga utak sa likod ng Witty Will Save The World Co., galeng ‘nyo!

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A Narrative about Jeans, Epiphany, Take Two, Sale, and Savings

10 June 2010

A Narrative about Jeans, Epiphany, Take Two, Sale, and Savings

A month ago, I got this pair of Levi’s jeans from The Landmark for a discounted price of P1,750. The original price was P8,500. Slim fit, low waist, great detail, made in Japan, trusted brand, and a limited edition. And it’s black. Levi’s Black. Close to 80% off, rounded. For the record, nothing inedible has ever climbed my “most favorite” list faster than this 2-years off season pair of jeans (I did a quick research on Levi’s Black and found that 2-year off season bit out. No, I’m still not turned off).

I’ve been wearing them every week since.

It occured to me that at the rate I’m washing and wearing the same pair, they’d fade on me faster than that memory of a really bad one night stand. Or they could accidentally get bleached at the laundromat. Or they could get ripped apart after I find myself recovering from a freak knee-on collission with a tumbleweed rolling at 50mph while I happen to be prancing in one of them unmapped patches of deserts scattered all over Las Piñas (where they have a different time zone than the rest of the Philippines, allegedly). I stopped doing my GDP-related presentation as a solitary tear threatened to make a free fall down my left cheek. The fear swelled uncontrollably from my gut, upping me to my feet with a jolt, and then suddenly, BEHOLD! An epiphany.

When I got my pair a month ago, there were two of the same kind the “sale” rack. Both sized 30 and black (but not Binay-black). Both of them in the same pristine condition. Both on sale. There’s a slim chance that the other sized-30 jean-clone is still on sale in that same mall, unwanted and unnoticed, waiting, nay, WANTing, for my crotch to fill, and re-fill (again and again, repeat to fade), its crotchular section.

Levi's Black, double black, because Japan is superior, and because it fits my balingkinitan physique LOL

I went home tonight with my second pair of the same slim fitting, low waisted, finely detailed black Levi’s that I already owned.  Total cost for two pairs, bought one month apart: P3,500. Total savings: P13,500.

There’s this scheming, marketing ploy I’ve read off a magazine not so long ago saying if you happen to find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly well, get a second pair of the same “everything.”  It might take a while for you to find a better fitting replacement/favorite, it added.  Since I pride myself as always being the obedient but logical one, can somebody please help me wipe this stupid grin off of my face?!

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Supafly Singled Out from the Quiapo Crowd

19 January 2010

Supafly Singled Out from the Quiapo Crowd

Kids, I have to warn you that fishing out your camera on the LRT platform can be very dangerous even if it’s a mere point and shoot camera you’re using. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon while we were lounging at the San Mig Cafe inside the Oceanarium after a day of walking around Manila, I was reviewing my shots and came upon this:

Sunday noon-time Quiapo crowd taken from the Carriedo LRT platform

Sunday noon-time Quiapo crowd taken from the Carriedo LRT platform

I don’t know if it’s typical of Quiapo to be this crowded but I wouldn’t be caught dead swimming with that swarm. I’m not really a crowd person is why. I zoomed at the photo to see if anybody’ll stand out. Yeah, one person did.

Quiapo crowd picture zoomed in

Same photo. Magnified.

See him yet? Let’s zoom in a little more.

Original picture above magnified several times over

See him now?

Wide view… magnified… magnified… hold it right there Supafly! LOL

Supafly in the mix

Supafly at 100% magnification

Now, the big question after this exercise: “Can your point and shoot camera do that?” /gloat

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Year-Ender Post: 2009 in Fritzparazzi Photos

3 January 2010

Year-Ender Post: 2009 in Fritzparazzi Photos

Whew! This took too long. I’m sure there’s an easier way out there but I’m old school (i.e. a noob) so I rocked the hard way. If we’ve had interactions in the past year and if in those moments I was crazily snapping away like a loon, then most probably you’ll be in one of the 250 odd “fritzparazzi” photographs I used to come up with this vid. I was too tempted to use photos of other bloggers from most events because I later realized I was missing a month’s worth of pics off my archives, July 2009 to be exact, but thought better. This should do, I hoped.

So I start out with the Baconator and end with a snap of the lunar eclipse that happened on New Year’s Eve. Ok, that’s a lie. The ending’s totally different and I might end up getting killed for having that up LOL. Watch the vid already so you’ll know what I mean.

This one’s for you. For the company, the good times, your work, your craft, your dedication, and your passion. I hope that one day, I could at last measure up with the amount of efforts you have put in this endeavor, with or without Google AdSense.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a better year ahead of us all. And world peace.


Note: You may want to watch the full HD sized format of this vid straight off its youtube page. You’ll see the detail better that way.

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What If… The Internet Died?

3 November 2009

What If… The Internet Died?

The thought hit me last night between sips of my scrumptious Bulalo soup and Sago’t Gulaman during dinner: What if the Internet died? What if it totally stops working and disappears from the face of the Earth? Is that even remotely possible? The answer: yes. Highly improbable, but not impossible. In the event that the Internet does end, the world as we know may change but not before these things can happen:

  • Online sellers will have to peddle on the streets
  • Hosting will be a gig and a chore rather than a service
  • Domain registrations will rightfully go back to the Registry of Deeds
  • Big halls like the World Trade Center will forever be booked and become one big chat room, divided into zones/categories
  • No more AdSense earnings
  • No more spam
  • No more blogger events
  • Hits will be painful
  • SEO guys will be jobless
  • Forum moderators will have to use mics to be effective
  • Scammers will be con men in trench coats in dark alleys or in corporate weare in malls doing MLM
  • Weather/torrent/RSS news feed addicts will convulse in withdrawal
  • _________ (fill in the blank with your take, share them in the comment section)
  • and my lame list could go on and on and on…, however, egged its readers to come up with their take on “The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today).” As expected, submissions of Photoshopped images came in droves. From the hundreds, they narrowed the best down to 20. #1 is HUHLOLZ, trust me!

In a totally unrelated note, here, have a radio transmitter.

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