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PGMA Declares 2010 Holidays with Proclamation 1841

23 July 2009

No more surprises. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared today with Proclamation 1841 the list of regular, special non-working, and special working holidays for the year 2010.


Where, oh where, is Election Day in the list, pray tell? This is, correct me if I’m wrong, a readily foreseeable (foreseeable in the in-the-near-future sense) event and it is bound to happen, right?



I want E-Day on the list so I can plan my 2010 days wisely! LOL

EDIT: Election day is slated on May 10, 2010. Have you registered to participate in this all important Presidential Elections?

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Broadcasting Live Mobile Video Streams during the 2010 Elections

6 June 2009

There’s this technology that I’ve seen AJ Matela do several times during events: broadcast a live video stream using only his mobile phone. It is this great development on mobile technology that actually inspired this plurk (sorry, my plurk timeline is currently set to private and for contacts only):


My excitement level in sharing the idea ate some grammar and coherence right there but you get the drift, right? What the more than 100 comments that plurk generated in less than an hour did prove that everyone got fired up by either buying, enhancing, testing by contradicting, or raising concerns over the idea.

Simply put, we can harness the technology available to almost all 3G-network (3G capable) mobile phone user in the country if it is utilized to transmit a live broadcast/video feed from the precincts (in real time) during the May 2010 election period. The video streams are subsequently archived in uStream should there be a need to pull out a reference (in the event that concerns are raised versus the propriety of the vote tally, for one). Brilliant, yes, but how do we go about doing the streaming/transmission? Good thing AJ himself shared his wisdom with the following replies in that same plurk (posted above):

I use both and You can download (the software from direct into your phone or via the internet. The software (for both Ustream and Qik) may or may not be available for your phone (they have a list of compatible phones). With Qik, you can sync it with your Twitter (bleck) account so it will tweet automatically as you start streaming. You can sync Qik with your: Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, and even your WordPress blog! Both Ustream and Qik can also be synced with your Facebook account. Gusto niyo ng live seminar-workshop on Mobile Livestreaming? hehe

Exciting, yes? If this info is disseminated to everybody, think about what each of us can potentially contribute to meeting the objective of seeing to it that we don’t get robbed of our votes. The possibility of a broadcaster lurking somewhere in the precinct area should keep cheats on their toes.

Of course, if the full automation/computerization of votes do happen, there’s no more canvassing (the manual tally/count) to broadcast but I’m sure we can think of something worthwhile to use this technology on during the count.

The first step to making this idea known is via this blog. We will need all the help we can get if we want to make things happen so please do not hesitate to spread the word to people who may be interested to help. We’ll also be taking this matter up later today (Saturday) with the PPCRV (wish us luck!).

Do stay tuned for future developments regarding this initiative.

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