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Year-Ender Post: 2009 in Fritzparazzi Photos

3 January 2010

Year-Ender Post: 2009 in Fritzparazzi Photos

Whew! This took too long. I’m sure there’s an easier way out there but I’m old school (i.e. a noob) so I rocked the hard way. If we’ve had interactions in the past year and if in those moments I was crazily snapping away like a loon, then most probably you’ll be in one of the 250 odd “fritzparazzi” photographs I used to come up with this vid. I was too tempted to use photos of other bloggers from most events because I later realized I was missing a month’s worth of pics off my archives, July 2009 to be exact, but thought better. This should do, I hoped.

So I start out with the Baconator and end with a snap of the lunar eclipse that happened on New Year’s Eve. Ok, that’s a lie. The ending’s totally different and I might end up getting killed for having that up LOL. Watch the vid already so you’ll know what I mean.

This one’s for you. For the company, the good times, your work, your craft, your dedication, and your passion. I hope that one day, I could at last measure up with the amount of efforts you have put in this endeavor, with or without Google AdSense.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a better year ahead of us all. And world peace.


Note: You may want to watch the full HD sized format of this vid straight off its youtube page. You’ll see the detail better that way.

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Playing Old-School Street Games with Havaianas

26 October 2008

My generation can only reminisce while the newer ones can only imagine.  Where has the Shato gone? And the Agawan Base? Long dead with Super NES, perhaps? When I learned that Havaianas (courtesy of All Flip Flops) came up with a venue for a day where eveyone can play Old School favorites like Piko, Patintero, Sipa, Chinese Garter, Tumbang Preso, and Ladad Lata, I went. AND OMFGBBQLOLCATFTMFW it was hella fun! Not as fun back in the day when 20 kids would play on the street, ten each team, for our version of an all-star death match in Patintero. In this Web 2.0 age where a Melamine scare has made people lose wight by forcing them to abstain from eating altogether, I’d take what I can and run like I was two decades younger and let the bully that I was reign supreme once again! OK, I was only imagining that bully bit, but run I did!

If you were in Bonifacio High Street yesterday, you might have seen adults having fun at weird, long-dead games, looking like kid wannabes but with genuine joy shining from their eyes.  The entire point was, you’ve got to admit, we had great times with those great games and they’re sort of our heritage and it would be a total waste if newer generations can’t at least experience, get to know, or play them.

Being there last Saturday also satisfied an all time curiosity: on how it would feel if I threw a pair of snazzy Havs, hoping to knock off a tin can. LOL simple joys!

So there, Havaianas and the guys at All Flip-Flops, you totally rocked my world yesterday!

Here by the photos I took from yesterday’s “PlayBack”. Feel free to caption the photos as appropriate LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL:

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Red Box Karaoke now with Wii Rooms!

10 October 2008

Red Box Karaoke recently unveiled an innovative offering to further broaden their already diverse clientelle from all over the Metro: Nintendo Wii equipped KTV Rooms!

“When deciding where to go on a night out, people now consider the diversity of activities they can do in one place. This is why we constantly expand our offerings. We want to give the market all the fun they want without going through the hassle of moving from one place to another,” says Paolo del Rosario, Marketing Director of Red Box.

Nintendo Wii will now be part of Red Box’s long list of choices for leisure and recreation. Starting this October, selected rooms in Red Box will be equipped with Nintendo Wii consoles where karaoke lovers can alternate between the microphone and nunchuck controllers.

Starting ASAP, I will have to worry about two things instead of one whenever me and my homies plan to KTV: what to include in my repertoir and who to best beat during a “friendly” Boxing match where I’ll be exerting the least amount of effort. LOL 

Here are the much awaited (I wish) Fritzparazzi shots from the launch.

Experience a different level of karaoke high. Red Box has branches in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma. For more information and inquiries, please call 757.6188 or visit

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19th Philippine Travel Mart happens this September

21 July 2008

ATTENTION: Travel junkies and nature-scape Paparazzis!

Please block off the dates September 12 to 14 on your calendars. This one’s for YOU.

Get ready to experience a different side to the Philippines when the 19th annual Philippine Travel Mart opens on September 12 to 14 at SM Megamall’s Mega Trade Hall. Organized by the Philippine Tour Operations Association (PHILTOA) in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, the yearly three-day event is the country’s largest travel fair and features showcase pavilions of the regional tourism offices, tour operators, hotels, airlines and transport services, plus other usual stakeholders of the local travel industry.

With the theme “Triple X: Xtreme Adventure, Xtreme Wellness and Xtreme Leisure in the Philippines“, this year’s travel mart will feature on sale a wide spectrum of adventure packages, ranging from low-impact activities to high-intensity tours, at discounted rates exclusive to the three-day fair.

On its 19th year, the Philippine Travel Mart continues to help boost the tourism sector by drawing international traffic to our shores and continually revitalizing domestic travel.

For more information on the 19th Philippine Travel Mart, please call the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) at 812-4513 and Global Visions at 635-0350

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We got PWNT at LazerXtreme!

30 June 2008

Right now, my thighs hurt like heartbreak: painfully excruciating. Seriously. Then again we ran like we were fighting for our lives, forgetting one of the cardinal rules that said THOU SHALT NOT RUN. Like panthers and cheetahs, we still did. We’re all asses like that, I know. All of this is because yesterday, Sunday, we were fortunate enough to try out Lazer Tag twice at LazerXtreme in Market! Market!. I’ll publish more about the rates, venue, and the game within the week. You may, however, check their website out for details. Thanks to Benj for organizing this kickassery. In the event were Benj, Benj’s brother BJ, Estelle (Benj’s debater friend), Estelle’s Mom, Jayvee, Juned, Jeff, Markku, Poyt, AJ, Rico M, Angel, and Jehzlau.

Can’t wait for my next visit. Fuhrealz. Here are the photos, for now.

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