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Cosplayers of Cosplay Mania ’11 Day 2

3 October 2011

Cosplayers of Cosplay Mania ’11 Day 2

Wasn’t able to drop by Day 1 but didn’t let Day 2 of Cosplay Mania ’11 just happen without me meekly (lol) requesting for photos from the better cosplayers of the day. Was told by Lyron Aquino last night that Kristel Lim will showcase something BIG for Day 2 (which also happens to be her birthday. Happy Birthday Kristel!). And in a great big armor she came! Saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd the likes of Samantha De Guzman in armor, Jia Gold Bustamante doing Shaiya Light (a very wholesome rendition, mind you. I would not have thought it possible for anyone to put together until today), Lyron was of course around in his version of civilian clothes (lol), and Jayem Sison as a Black★Rock Shooter dude, complete with abdominal stitched-up lacerations, a badass katana, and bright blue right eye. And of course, abs.

Like you’ve read what I’ve written anyway. You just scrolled straight at the photos, didn’t you? I do that all the time, too. Guilty as a death row inmate. Overall, Cosplay Mania ’11 was pretty organized. Sure, there were three long lines moving at a snail’s pace at the entrance but that was because the security folks were pretty thorough with the bag inspection of both participants and spectators. Security minus the irony. Great job! SMX was also pretty lax in letting cosplayers and photographers just hang around the lobby area of the Function Halls which is a first for the cosplay cons I’ve gone to in SMX, so far. The result was an event that is not as crowded, though I think there are more people who attended this year than last. I had so much fun that I could not be arsed to watch the TOrCH Finals, although I did buy tickets LOL.

Ok, on to the photos! Just like old times, left click to view the larger image. Feel free to grab and post on your facebook but please do not remove the watermark. Linking back to is not required but I’ll love you more if you do lol. If you know the characters that I haven’t named and the names of the cosplayrs featured here, do call me out on them by the comment area so I can properly label the photos in return for their indulgence (for graciously letting me take their photos). Great job for this year’s con, guys! If I may say, participants are SERIOUSLY getting better and better each con!

EDIT: as this is too good to not share. Added Gerard Sison’s cosplay of Superman. Know why that costume looks so finely detailed? Here’s the story straight from Gerard:

“I was offered that Superman costume the night before the Toycon. It is a limited edition Christopher Reeve replica and there are only 10 in the world. It is made in Argentina and was sourced from all over the world. But I thought it was too much to spend for.”


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Cosplay Mania ’11 TOrCH Manila Preliminaries Winner

2 October 2011

Cosplay Mania ’11 TOrCH Manila Preliminaries Winner

Before the grand showdown today, Sunday, October 2, 2011, of the Cosplay Tournament of Champions aka TOrCH II 2011, preliminaries were held in Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod, Davao, Cebu, and three other SM locations around Metro Manila. The winners from each of the locations get to compete against each other during the TOrCH II Grand Finals. The finals will be held at the SMX, SM Mall of Asia during Day 2, that’s TODAY, of Cosplay Mania ’11. The Grand Prize winners will only represent the Philippines in the AFA ’11 Regional Cosplay Championships. Very VERY snooty.

A week ago, I was in SM Manila to watch the Manila preliminaries. Team Vostel who cosplayed Voltes V and Baizanga emerged victorious with Team Lion Rush who cosplayed Chun Li and Ryu coming in second with a fraction of a point difference in the score. That Voltes V cosplay sure looks like it jumped straight out of the animated series and everyone agrees. Contestants are asked to do a skit complete with sound bites from their chosen anime, manga, or game. How well shall Team Vostel and all other finalists fare in the Finals? Stay tuned for that and more on my update soon after the event.

See you at Cosplay Mania ’11!

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Figutto! Ryuk Action Figure Review and Photos

8 August 2011

Figutto! Ryuk Action Figure Review and Photos

It was love at first sight the moment I saw the Death Note Ryuk figutto! action figure from Hobby Japan’s website in March and the minute they became available in pre-order at the local toy store I frequent, without hesitating, I got Ryuk plus Yagami Light. No Misa Misa and L figuttos yet (as of this writing), Death Note fans, sorry to say. If the pre-release photos are accurate, I thought, the Ryuk action figure would kick major ass! During the 4 months of waiting, I worried about the 16-point articulation Ryuk is said to have, hoping they’d at least come close to what Revoltechs, Figmas, Figuarts, and Play Arts have for maximum posability. With a retail price of JPY 5,700 for Ryuk over at HLJ and Hobby Japan and PHP 3,400 locally from Great Toys (WasabiToys had Ryuk on pre-order at PHP 4,250 even!), they’d better be good.

Both the Ryuk and Yagami Light figuttos come in clear trays inside a box. The Ryuk action figure as two interchangeable faces, 3 pairs of hands, two apples (one with a bite), two Death Notes, a pair of outstretched wings, a pair of shoulder feathers for when he doesn’t have the wings stretched out, a clear plastic box where you can store the accessories already mentioned, and a stand.

Ryuk figutto action figure box front from Griffon Enterprises

Ryuk figutto action figure box from Griffon Enterprises

Clear plastic tray  packaging front

Clear storage box

Clear storage box and action figure stand

The paint job on Ryuk is impressive from the matte neck, face, hair, and leather detail, to the metallic blue body and metal finish on his costume and stuff that should come across as silver metal. His eyes are a glossy yellow. The feathers on his shoulders and wings are made of soft rubbery material (much like most of the soft material they used on the Play Arts Kai Ezio) that do not feel delicate to force in and out of the back shoulder sockets should you want or not want him to sport wings. You can make the action figure stand with one foot firmly anchored to the ground while the other points a toe out. If all else should fail, you can always use the stand for balance. To test how far the elbow can bend, I made him look like he’s about to give the apple another bite. I was pleased with the results.

Ryuk with his outstretched wings on

Ryuk figutto elbow and shoulder articulation test

The knees are slightly bent as a limitation just so people don’t go taking pictures of a perfectly postured Ryuk. Blasphemy! LOL. Bent, the knees can go all the way to the back like so.

Ryuk figutto knee articulation

I had no problem replacing the hands on Ryuk. They would hold out poses firmly, too. I had a hard time with the neck because, I found out later on, that the ball joint attached to the head has a curved but squareish end the should be aligned with the hole on the neck. I failed aligning the two up several times so lesson learned: twist and gently push should you feel some resistance.

Ryuk's hand joint

Ryuk's interchangeable face and head joint

The pre-release description of the Ryuk figutto claimed it will be around 7 inches in height. On the image below is Ryuk together with the Play Arts Kai Ezio, Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI, and Figma Love Machine from Summer Wars. Ryuk, slouched notwithstanding, is undeniably bigger than even the tallest figma figure in the market to date. Please left click on the image below for a higher resolution photo.

Comparing the 7-inch tall Ryuk figutto with other well known action figures

Below are more snaps of my Ryuk figutto.

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 02

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 01

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 04

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 03

I’ll show you guys Yagami Light some other time :)

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Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 3 Trivia Contest

3 August 2011

Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 3 Trivia Contest

The winner for Week 2 of the Animax 7-Ghost Fever Trivia Contest is Dandy Cortez, you lucky bastard LOL I want that umbrella for myself given the inclement weather we’ve been having in the metro these past few days! Haha, congratulations!

I’m late in publishing this because the domain expired over the weekend LOL, sorry for the glitch there, folks, but hey, the site’s back after around four days, huzzah! For Week 3′s trivia question, and if you’ve seen last week’s episosed, the hero was tasked to do something in order to pass the Bishop’s Exam:

Teito of 7-Ghost on Animax

Teito is still keen on getting revenge for his best friend, Mikage’s death. Meanwhile, to hopefully make things better, the bishops encourage him to take the Bishops Exam where there he meets his supposed rival Hakuren.

Trivia Question: “How many volumes of the Barsburg Bible did Teito have to memorize for the Bishops Exam?”

Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person who will win an awesome Animax goody bag! Winners will be announced to this blog next week!

Send in your answers to with subject “Animax 07-Ghost Fever 3″

Include in the body your name, mobile number and the url of this blog. Deadline for this entry is Friday, August 5 at 5:00pm.

Tune in next week to find out the reason behind Frau’s arrest and the two boys, Teito and Hakuren’s attempt to rescue him. Look forward to more trivia questions on this blog next week and watch 07-Ghost Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm only on Animax.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

*Contest is only valid for participants residing in the Philippines.

I know you’d like a clue again, yes? Teito was asked to do the near-impossible feat of memorizing 7700 Chapters from ___ Volumes of this so-called Barsburg Bible within half a month. Note that this is something some priests have claimed to accomplish only after three years! Note the title of the anime series and the number of chapters there are inside the volumes? You can tell that they’re very fond of using this particular number as reference. Conjure up your math skills and multiply the lone number by 11. It can’t get any more easier than that so good luck!

Stey tuned for next week’s leg of the contest as we also announce the winner for Week 3 of the Animax 7-Ghost Fever Trivia challenge.

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Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 2 Trivia Contest

25 July 2011

Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 2 Trivia Contest

Lucky contestant Marijoy Satana who emailed her entry to Animax won in last week’s Animax 7-Ghost Fever trivia contest by giving the correct answers: Frau, Castor, and Labrador. I told you the answers are right in the blog post and if you looked at the tags on there, then jackpot! Yay? Somebody from Animax will email Marijoy for details on how she may claim her Animax Limited Edition premium items.

Even if you have watched the 7-Ghost episodes from last week, you’ll have a hard time answering the next trivia question but have no fear! Since I have seen this particular episode, I’ll try and give you guys clues:

Were you able to witness the thrilling battle between Teito and Ayanami last week? The reveal of the Eye of the Mikhail and the Kor’s defeat against Frau’s powerful strengths were also as exhilarating. Plus, the festivities in the Church’s bazaar were such a delight.

Trivia Question: In the Church’s annual bazaar, what were the products sold on the three bishops’ booths (Frau, Castor and Labrador)?

Send in your answers to with subject “Animax O7-Ghost Fever 2″

Include in the body your name, mobile number and the url of this blog. Deadline for this entry is Friday, July 29 at 5:00pm.

Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person to win an awesome Animax goody bag!

Tune in next week as we witness how Teito decides to take the Bishops exam and reveal an arising rivalry between him and one of the students, Hakuren. Look forward to another trivia question on this blog next week and watch 07-Ghost Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm only on Animax.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

Ayanami and Teito from the series 7-Ghost

Join only if you have seen the episode because as I’ve mentioned, the answer to the trivia question is rather vague. Limit to a word (or two for Labrador’s case) what kind of shop Frau, Castor, and Labrador had during the fair. During the episode, they showed Labrador’s first where he gave Teito and Ayanami a taste of something pink that they ate from tooth picks but the delicacies were first served floating from a bowl of water. Castor beckoned next and showed the boys his shop full of items on his “doll collection.” Lastly, Frau, not to be out shined, also served the two something exotic yet edible. On skewers.

For your answers, say Labrador has a C□□□□ F□□□□□ Shop, Castor has a C□□□□□□ Shop, while Frau has a M□□□ Shop.

Take some time to send those answers because here are the Animax Goodies that’s guaranteed to make you shout WANT!!! An Animax Happy Andrada Bag, an iPhone Case, an Animax Notebook, and Umbrella. Even I want them all LOL

7-Ghost Fever Contest Prizes - Animax Happy Andrada Bag, iPhone Case, and Animax Notebook

7-Ghost Fever Contest Prize - Animax Umbrella

Good luck and watch out for next week’s trivia contest.

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New Animax Series 7-Ghost Weekly Trivia Contest

21 July 2011

New Animax Series 7-Ghost  Weekly Trivia Contest

I’m stuck with my current cable TV provider because it seems, by default, they’re the only one in town who offer my favorite channel of all time: Animax. Otaku and proud, yo!  As I get my daily fix from Animax’s new and staple anime line-up (to be totally honest, I of late somehow find the Tagalog dubbed KDrama series, uhm, amusin…. wait! Don’t unfriend/unfollow me please! LOL), sticking to my conviction continues to seem rather effortless.

Since I’m a sucker for stories with a liberal amount of character driven sub-plots more than the action sequences, Animax featured series the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (more true to the manga this time around), Tears to Tiara (with that kick-ass end scene depicting the power of words), Fairy Tail (that last 5-minutes of the season ender with Laxus during the festival just made me lose all sense of manliness and self-restraint. I know you know the scene I’m talking about LOL), and Baccano! (rocking a beefed up and more kickass Cowboy Bebop vibe) make me look forward to even more of the similar intelligent telling that anime can’t seem to run out of.

Just this month, 7-Ghost joins that line-up. I’ll be honest that at this time, I’m still not over the characters here looking like those at Code Geass but the plot with priests, supernatural powers, betrayal, coming of age, and this hugeass floating space craft seems somewhat promising. 7-Ghost air Mondays through Fridays at 7:30PM on Animax.

07-Ghost new series from Animax

Want a chance to win an Animax goody bag with Limited Edition Animax Mechandise? Just answer the weekly trivia question and AL IS VELL (sorry for the 3 Idiots reference LOL). Now, if you watched 7-Ghost from July 12-July 15 for Episodes 1-4, the answer will come to you naturally:

Last week on 07-Ghost, we saw how Teito and his best friend Mikage escaped from the Barsburg Military Academy and met up with the three bishops from the Church to discover more about their powers.

So we ask, “What are the names of the three bishops from the Church?”

Email your answers to with the subject Animax 07-Ghost Fever. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details on the email. We raffle out all entries and the lucky person we pick out gets LIMITED ANIMAX MERCHANDISE to be announced by mid-August.

Look out for next week’s trivia question and stay tuned next week as we find out how Teito discovers more about his past and how Mikage deals with his decision to finally save Teito as Animax brings you more episodes of 07-Ghost, Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

Need a clue? Exclusively from fritzified (haha), the names of the three bishops start with the following letters: F□□□, C□□□□□, and L□□□□□□□. Actually, I’ve already given the answer, albeit creatively. It’s on this very page! Go search for it! Just follow the instructions above and email your answers ASAP, OK? Deadline for this week’s contest is FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011. I’ll watch the series regularly so I can help you guys with the answers for Round 2 (for seven weeks).

Stay tuned!

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