Hi there! This site is owned and maintained by Fritz Tentativa, non-practicing CPA, almost-model, brilliant point-and-shoot camphone photographer, and corporate rockstar extraordinaire (enter fanfare here…and housemate Anne throwing panties… badabishhhhhh!)

fritzified.com is a personal website born from my want to have somewhere to pour my pent up creativity in since there’s not much everyday opportunity for it in the corporate world. It’s actually the same force that drove me to make a blog way back in 2005. After two years, I’ve gone sick of being just a sub-domain that I decided, heck, I’ll make my brand and do whatever. No niches, no adverts, and no rules. Just me, me, and more me. With a sprinkling of class when needed. If needed.

In December of 2005, that Mike “Fucking” Villar dawg, bless his soul, invited me to start The Man-Blog with a group of 5 other brilliant minds. To say that I was funny then (or even until now) is a major over statement but I still try. Hard. And I’ll keep on trying until I get tired of writing because, as a great San Miguel ad once read, this endeavor’s the expression of my “passion beyond reason,” also read as “social climbing without cash.” Um, that didn’t sound so great. How does that relate to my not being funny again? I lost myself there, sorry to say. Anyway, on with my journey! In March of 2008, Benj Espina and Jeff Villafranca invited me to contribute to VisitSagada.com which I indulged by writing 1 article (I’m an ass, I know, but I’ll contribute more, I promise!). Before that, I also made a pact with Jayvee Fernandez via a spit-laden brotherly hand-shake that we’ll make good of our good taste in totally manly-man fashion by doing a blog collaboration. Hard as it sounds, we have successfully come up with a totally non-gay fashion site, the first of its kind ever for fashion, and named it Let’s Fashion! (how appropriate and totally original, we know. It’s a shame we had to take it down so soon). So far, like the Visit Sagada project, I have contributed about 10% of the total articles in the site. And Jayvee will totally kill me any time soon (but I promise to give him shirts from Bangkok. The 100 Baht variety. Very pricey because, and he doesn’t know this, they’re disposable. iKeed of course). Oh, and the fashion site got decommissioned now so there.

In 2008, travel photos I took using my camphone were published in a local paper with an article for Nokia’s N82 mobile phone. Later that same year, this blog garnered the title Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2008 by popular vote. The site also got nominated in the Personal and Personal (Single Post) category at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards. Good times! Oh, this I must not fail to mention because I promised everyone they would not hear the end of this. I also, so very recently, passed Mensa. There. Can you handle the gloat factor? No? Me neither.

Sorry for getting carried away with this “About” page. Look around the site and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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