Cosplayers at the 11th ToyCon 2012-Day 3

Cosplayers at the 11th ToyCon 2012-Day 3

Written by Fritz

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It’s been 6 months since I’ve been to cons like the 11th Annual ToyCon 2012. Kept focusing on fashion and glamour photography to date, is why. There’s a huge difference, I realize, between the two despite both having people as subject(s). One is very calculated, planned, orchestrated, well produced, controlled, and well directed. Photographing cosplay in cons will test how well you take action very fast from requesting the subject for a shot, to preparing your light, timing for when the subject makes their signature poses, establishing rapport and trust, and everything must happen at blinding speed because everybody’s pressed for time. IMO, the best challenge (and the one I find most exciting) in taking cosplay photos in cons is to be able to come up with pictures where the subject can connect to the camera and, ultimately, the audience (context valid when motive of taking photos is to publish them in old media or online in blogs or your favorite social media sites).

Below are 29 photographs of 38 cosplayers from Day 3 (Sunday) of ToyCon. Some of the shots I’ve taken that day like that of Snow White with Lyron as Luffy and Ralph Villaluz as Raidou Kuzunoha are too blurred to save (so sorry, you guys! T_____T Will make it up to you next time, I promise). Gerard Sison’s Superman shot below is also quite blurred but I have an alibi for sharing it, still: I believe nobody at the con brought a camera or lens that’s faster than a speeding bullet ;) Gaaaaaaaaah, failed by taking just one shot of this (kicks self at the shins)!!! As for that Superman costume, I know I’ve already mentioned this in a previous blog post but I won’t tire of sharing again Gerard’s own words from last year’s ToyCon:

“I was offered that Superman costume the night before the Toycon. It is a limited edition Christopher Reeve replica and there are only 10 in the world. It is made in Argentina and was sourced from all over the world. But I thought it was too much to spend for.”

I’ll upload these photos in facebook shortly. In the mean time, here are the snaps. If you can ID the untagged photos (characters and/or personalities), do tell at the comments section. Thanks!

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