Figutto! Ryuk Action Figure Review and Photos

Figutto! Ryuk Action Figure Review and Photos

It was love at first sight the moment I saw the Death Note Ryuk figutto! action figure from Hobby Japan’s website in March and the minute they became available in pre-order at the local toy store I frequent, without hesitating, I got Ryuk plus Yagami Light. No Misa Misa and L figuttos yet (as of this writing), Death Note fans, sorry to say. If the pre-release photos are accurate, I thought, the Ryuk action figure would kick major ass! During the 4 months of waiting, I worried about the 16-point articulation Ryuk is said to have, hoping they’d at least come close to what Revoltechs, Figmas, Figuarts, and Play Arts have for maximum posability. With a retail price of JPY 5,700 for Ryuk over at HLJ and Hobby Japan and PHP 3,400 locally from Great Toys (WasabiToys had Ryuk on pre-order at PHP 4,250 even!), they’d better be good.

Both the Ryuk and Yagami Light figuttos come in clear trays inside a box. The Ryuk action figure as two interchangeable faces, 3 pairs of hands, two apples (one with a bite), two Death Notes, a pair of outstretched wings, a pair of shoulder feathers for when he doesn’t have the wings stretched out, a clear plastic box where you can store the accessories already mentioned, and a stand.

Ryuk figutto action figure box front from Griffon Enterprises

Ryuk figutto action figure box from Griffon Enterprises

Clear plastic tray  packaging front

Clear storage box

Clear storage box and action figure stand

The paint job on Ryuk is impressive from the matte neck, face, hair, and leather detail, to the metallic blue body and metal finish on his costume and stuff that should come across as silver metal. His eyes are a glossy yellow. The feathers on his shoulders and wings are made of soft rubbery material (much like most of the soft material they used on the Play Arts Kai Ezio) that do not feel delicate to force in and out of the back shoulder sockets should you want or not want him to sport wings. You can make the action figure stand with one foot firmly anchored to the ground while the other points a toe out. If all else should fail, you can always use the stand for balance. To test how far the elbow can bend, I made him look like he’s about to give the apple another bite. I was pleased with the results.

Ryuk with his outstretched wings on

Ryuk figutto elbow and shoulder articulation test

The knees are slightly bent as a limitation just so people don’t go taking pictures of a perfectly postured Ryuk. Blasphemy! LOL. Bent, the knees can go all the way to the back like so.

Ryuk figutto knee articulation

I had no problem replacing the hands on Ryuk. They would hold out poses firmly, too. I had a hard time with the neck because, I found out later on, that the ball joint attached to the head has a curved but squareish end the should be aligned with the hole on the neck. I failed aligning the two up several times so lesson learned: twist and gently push should you feel some resistance.

Ryuk's hand joint

Ryuk's interchangeable face and head joint

The pre-release description of the Ryuk figutto claimed it will be around 7 inches in height. On the image below is Ryuk together with the Play Arts Kai Ezio, Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI, and Figma Love Machine from Summer Wars. Ryuk, slouched notwithstanding, is undeniably bigger than even the tallest figma figure in the market to date. Please left click on the image below for a higher resolution photo.

Comparing the 7-inch tall Ryuk figutto with other well known action figures

Below are more snaps of my Ryuk figutto.

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 02

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 01

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 04

Death Note's Ryuk figutto action figure 03

I’ll show you guys Yagami Light some other time :)

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