New Animax Series 7-Ghost  Weekly Trivia Contest

New Animax Series 7-Ghost Weekly Trivia Contest

Written by Fritz

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I’m stuck with my current cable TV provider because it seems, by default, they’re the only one in town who offer my favorite channel of all time: Animax. Otaku and proud, yo!  As I get my daily fix from Animax’s new and staple anime line-up (to be totally honest, I of late somehow find the Tagalog dubbed KDrama series, uhm, amusin…. wait! Don’t unfriend/unfollow me please! LOL), sticking to my conviction continues to seem rather effortless.

Since I’m a sucker for stories with a liberal amount of character driven sub-plots more than the action sequences, Animax featured series the likes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (more true to the manga this time around), Tears to Tiara (with that kick-ass end scene depicting the power of words), Fairy Tail (that last 5-minutes of the season ender with Laxus during the festival just made me lose all sense of manliness and self-restraint. I know you know the scene I’m talking about LOL), and Baccano! (rocking a beefed up and more kickass Cowboy Bebop vibe) make me look forward to even more of the similar intelligent telling that anime can’t seem to run out of.

Just this month, 7-Ghost joins that line-up. I’ll be honest that at this time, I’m still not over the characters here looking like those at Code Geass but the plot with priests, supernatural powers, betrayal, coming of age, and this hugeass floating space craft seems somewhat promising. 7-Ghost air Mondays through Fridays at 7:30PM on Animax.

07-Ghost new series from Animax

Want a chance to win an Animax goody bag with Limited Edition Animax Mechandise? Just answer the weekly trivia question and AL IS VELL (sorry for the 3 Idiots reference LOL). Now, if you watched 7-Ghost from July 12-July 15 for Episodes 1-4, the answer will come to you naturally:

Last week on 07-Ghost, we saw how Teito and his best friend Mikage escaped from the Barsburg Military Academy and met up with the three bishops from the Church to discover more about their powers.

So we ask, “What are the names of the three bishops from the Church?”

Email your answers to with the subject Animax 07-Ghost Fever. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details on the email. We raffle out all entries and the lucky person we pick out gets LIMITED ANIMAX MERCHANDISE to be announced by mid-August.

Look out for next week’s trivia question and stay tuned next week as we find out how Teito discovers more about his past and how Mikage deals with his decision to finally save Teito as Animax brings you more episodes of 07-Ghost, Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

Need a clue? Exclusively from fritzified (haha), the names of the three bishops start with the following letters: F□□□, C□□□□□, and L□□□□□□□. Actually, I’ve already given the answer, albeit creatively. It’s on this very page! Go search for it! Just follow the instructions above and email your answers ASAP, OK? Deadline for this week’s contest is FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011. I’ll watch the series regularly so I can help you guys with the answers for Round 2 (for seven weeks).

Stay tuned!

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