Contest: What’s THAT Phone? Round 3

Contest: What’s THAT Phone? Round 3

Written by Fritz

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So far, I’ve talked about this much awaited featured phone’s two key features: Voice talk and the Dual Core Processor. For the third week, and to help you with your guesses, I’ll showcase a product attribute that’s a first with this soon-to-hit-the-shelves new phone: SUPER AMOLED Plus. Super AMOLED Plus promises sharper images, smoother graphics, a clearer separation of whites/light and blacks/dark with high contrast ratios, and better quality text to large screen devices such as this phone’s 4.27 inch display. I took a shot of the phone screen while it was playing a music video, shown below, for reference. No sharpening, color adjustment, brightening, and enhancement was done on the photo, FYI, to closely give you dear readers a near-to-actual experience of this new fangled and legendary Super AMOLED Plus feature.

Whats THAT Phone Round 3 Super AMOLED Plus video screencap

Sweet! Even yummier up close and personal, seriously.

Winners of the “ZOMG Whuzzat Phone? Round 2” Baller USBs

Out of 112 entries from last week’s contest, here are the winners of 2Gb baller band USBs: Mary Mirasol Manayo, Mica Sobrepen , and John Peria. Congratulations! I’ll email the details on how you can get your prizes within the week. As was the deal from the prior week, all submissions with the right answer for all the three rounds of this contest will automatically get to join the grand draw where a brand new mystery brand smart phone will be given away. Again, the smart phone grand prize is NOT the phone I’m featuring BUT it is still worth much given the means to joining entails very minimal effort. Keep those entries coming and good luck for round 3 and the grand draw!

Round 3 Contest mechanics (open only to Philippine residents)

Same question, sorta different email entry subject line: “Do you know what the all-new smart phone’s brand and model is?” Email me your answer ASAP:

1. email your answer with the subject “What’s THAT Phone? Round 3” to fritz.tentativa at gmail dotcom.
2. deadline for submission of answers is on June 23, 11:59PM
3. please sign your email with your real given name.
4. a person may only submit one entry per round. No multiple email addresses for one person. Alter-egos not accepted LOL
5. winners will be announced and published on June 24, Friday, with the post celebrating (LOL) the grand reveal of the phone being featured in this three-part contest.
6. winners, like before, will be chosen randomly via
7. for the grand draw, should the lucky winner be so lucky to win in two or three other websites holding a similar contest, I will have to draw a new winner from the pool of qualified contestants.
8. results are final
9. winners will be notified via email

Last chance, everybody! Want a new phone? Here’s your chance to win one! Good luck!

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