Contest: ZOMG Whuzzat Phone? Round 2

Contest: ZOMG Whuzzat Phone? Round 2

Written by Fritz

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For more than a week of using this mystery phone, here are the top three commendations I’ve gotten from peers so far:

1. “it’s so light!” from an iPhone4 user and Apple-worshiper-in-denial,
2. “nice tablet!” because seriously, the screen on this smart phone is way bigger what we’re all used to that when I go back to using my personal phone, I’d have withdrawal symptoms and be miserable for several days until the promised SW update comes along, and
3. “I hate you!” because if I were them, I’d hate me for being so lucky to take this new, powerful, fast, sleek, gorgeous, and vibrant smart phone out for a spin for three weeks!.

This week’s smart phone feature highlight: the Dual Core Processor. The response speed of this phone is a-ma-zing, be it in launching multiple apps, staying online 24/7, and operating multiple tasks all at the same time. I have yet to encounter a lag with it. Uhm, what’s a lag, again? I forget. Anyway, the Cortex A9 Dual Core processor promises to help give butter-smooth video recording at full 1080p HD at 30fps with the smart phone’s build in 8 Megapixel camera. Do I hear the crowd say “Fritzparazzi tiemz?!!!” I promise to show sample pics and vids with my full review post.

I’ve been lucky to get an HSPA signal most of the time whether I’m at work or at home (and it pays to have an unlimited data plan with my post paid line) making the browsing experience too enjoyable that even with the new and supposedly more powerful 1650mAh battery, I end up charging the unit by the end of the day. Still, that’s a stretch given that the unit sports 4.27 inches of super vibrant display. The plus side of the phone’s HSPA+ readiness is I get to finish my browsing and readings faster which in a way helps save power.

Can’t wait for me to name the brand and unit of this phone, yes? Me neither. Since June 21 is right around the corner and I’ve miscalculated on the days until the grand reveal, I’ll squeeze in two rounds of the contest this week. Round 2 will end by June 17, 11:59PM and Round 3 by June 21, 11:59PM. I’ll then publish the grand prize winners by June 22. Deal? The mechanics of Round 2 will be a bit different from Week 1′s just so I know who among the joiners are reading the fine print. I’m watching you because I’m a masochist like that LOL.

Winners of the “ZOMG What’s that Phone? Week 1” Baller USBs

Out of 123 entries from last week’s contest, here be the winners of 2Gb baller band USBs: Denn Pablo, Hideki Beyond (seriously, that’s your given name? LOL), and Joselle Allyssa Frilles. Congratulations! I’ll email the details on how you can get your prizes in the days to come. But that’s not what prompted you to join, right? Right! As promised, all submissions with the right answer for all the three rounds of this contest will automatically get to join the grand draw where a brand new mystery brand smart phone will be given away. I repeat, the smart phone grand prize is NOT the phone I’m featuring BUT it is still worth thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pesosesosesoses! Email lang ang katapat, san ka pa?!

Round 2 Contest mechanics (open only to Philippine residents)

Do you know what this exciting and all powerful smart phone is? Do send in your wild guess (like it’s that hard, ya):

1. email your answer with the subject “ZOMG Whuzzat Phone? Round 2” to fritz.tentativa at gmail dotcom.
2. deadline for submission of answers is on June 17, 11:59PM
3. please sign your email with your real given name. I’m looking at you, Week 1 winner, Hideki Beyond! LOL
4. a person may still only submit one entry per week despite his/her extensive database of dummy email addresses (ang madaya daw ay hindi nagwawagi in life and the afterlife! LOL)
5. winners will be announced and published on June 18, Saturday, with the post celebrating (LOL) the third round of this contest.
6. winners, like old times, will be chosen randomly via
7. for the grand draw, should the lucky winner be so lucky to win in two or three other websites holding a similar contest, I will have to draw a new winner from the pool of qualified contestants.
8. results are final
9. winners will be notified via email

Email na! Good luck and spread the word to your suking magtatapsilog, the cafeteria server na ka-berks mo na, kunduktor sa bus, your best friend na kunyari platonic lang daw feelings mo with him/her, yung mukhang isprikitik mong katabiyung maganda mong ka-text, yung kakikilala mo lang sa facebook, mga ka-guild, and your restaurant/cafe/pet/war/MMORPG neighbors sa lalong madaling panahon dahil 4 days lang tong Round 2 na to! *heart attack sabay kawai*

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