Contest: ZOMG What’s that Phone? Week 1

Contest: ZOMG What’s that Phone? Week 1

Written by Fritz

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With me is a smart phone that’s purported to be the slimmest in the market for its category (at 8.49mm, much much slimmer than a AAA battery!), light weight (116g), sleek (with 4.3 inches of ultra vibrant display), powerful (dual-core 1.2GHz), fast (1Gb RAM), with improved standby and talk time (1,650mAh battery), and so feature-packed (runs on Google’s latest Gingerbread Android OS) that you’d have no problem whatsoever with it keeping the namesake of its predecessor (hint hint!). Delicious sneak preview photos below.

ZOMG What's That Phone Slimmest Week 1

ZOMG What's That Phone LCD Week 1

ZOMG What's That Phone Micro USB Week 1

ZOMG What's That Phone Camera Week 1

If those sexy photos didn’t get you swooning, I’m sure they got you wanting. Real bad.

Every week for three weeks, get a chance to guess the phone brand and model of this featured smart phone on For each of those weeks, three lucky readers will get to take home a 2Gb baller band USB each. Don’t give a rat’s ass about the flash drive? Wait, there’s more! On the third week, I’ll be drawing from the list of participants from all the three weeks prior a name who gets to take home one spanking new *toot* brand smart phone (may not be the featured phone but still a smart phone worth thousands upon thousands of pesosesosesoses!!!) Submit an entry every week and you get to up your chance of winning the coveted grand prize. Awesomecakes! (see contest mechanics below)

This week’s smart phone feature highlight: Voice Talk. From the list of apps that come with the phone, you’ll find a green mic icon labelled “Voice Talk.” Activate and use it to either: (1) get the phone to convert speech into text and send said text to your identified recipient (2) call a contact, (3) reply to last text message, (4) navigate the phone, (5) use maps for physical navigation, (6) update facebook, (7) compose email with subject, (8) create a memo, (9) check your calendar schedule, and (10) play music. How does it fare with my voice commands? I’ll up a detailed review right after the contest period during the week of June 21st so stay tuned!

ZOMG Contest La La La La (open only to Philippine residents):

1. email your answer with the subject “ZOMG What’s That Phone?! Week 1” to fritz.tentativa at gmail dotcom.
2. deadline for submission of answers is on June 12, 11:59PM
3. a person may only submit one entry per week despite his/her extensive database of dummy email addresses (you wise ass LOL)
4. winners will be announced and published on June 13, Monday right before the start of the second week of the contest.
5. winners will be chosen randomly via
6. for the grand draw, should the lucky winner be so lucky to win in two or three other websites holding a similar contest, I will have to draw a new winner from the pool of qualified contestants. Don’t be greedy LOL
7. results are final
8. winners will be notified via email

Good luck and spread the word to your girl friend, boy friend, wife, husband, bossing, kraz, pangalawang panganay, yaya, pinopormahan, kinakalaguyo, or scholarship recipient LOL, now na!

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