Pre-Ordered Nokia N8 from Smart with Plan 2000 Delayed Release

Pre-Ordered Nokia N8 from Smart with Plan 2000 Delayed Release

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Those of you who pre-ordered, did you get an N8 Box with movie tickets and popcorn delivered to your mailing address (you declared with Smart)? Initially, release date of the unit for those who pre-ordered with the new Smart PostPaid Plan 2000 was scheduled on October 23rd, the same date the units were released in Nokia stores for P23,699. Looks like we’re looking at a 1st week of November release, my source from Smart shared. The movie tickets and popcorn were sent to apologize for the delay of the delivery. I didn’t get one so I’m not that touched LOL. [EDIT: Per Glenn Ong's comment below and as corroborated by Jeff Aspacio on plurk, seems like everyone who pre-ordered was likely to get one]

For the longest time, I am as mystified as the employee of Smart with this new Plan 2000 with unlimited data. I had been bugging customer care on the details for this too but did not get any clarification with the specs until today.  On top of the unlimited data plan for your Plan 2000, you will also get 200 free texts (.51 cents in excess of allocation) and 150 minutes of free call (P5.09 per minute for Smart to Smart/Touch Mobile and P6.11 to other networks to be charged to you on top of the free minutes allocation).

Now, is the plan worth the price of PHP2,000 monthly? The free minutes when converted would look like P763.50 (calls purely Smart-to-Smart)+P102 (text)+P1,134.50 (unlimited data) or P916.5 (calls purely Other Networks)+P102 (text)+P981.50 (unlimited data) or somewhere between P981.50 and P1,134.50 for unlimited mobile data access and connection. Not bad at all!

On the date of final release, there will be a very limited number of units allocated per service center, the number is based from the count of those who have verified their intent on pursuing their pre-orders. Smart Tower along Ayala, I heard, has 24 units allocated and ShangriLa Edsa has 23, and so on. Somebody from Smart will call us up when the units are all ready for pick up. Hold your wedgies in its place, my friends, because “first week of November” is only a week away from today *giddy*

Update: October 21, 2010

Got a package via LBC today. It’s got the popcorn and movie tickets. Doesn’t look like they’re from Smart but I think Nokia sent this to all those who pre-ordered with both Nokia and Smart. Popcorn box and movie tickets holder have smart concept captions, too. Photos below.

Nokia N8 popcorn and movie tickets from the mail

Nokia N8 popcorn and movie tickets from the mail

Update: November 4, 2010

Commenter drey below shared his initiative to go to the Smart Wireless Center he specified in his pre-order. Totally weirded me out so I texted my Smart Insider contact. His reply shocked me: “you should have gone to the wireless center the day following our conversation! They have the Nokia N8 units and they have the pre-order names in a list. You sure your name is in that list?” He asked. I then said, well based on the Popcorn and Ayala Malls Movie Tickets I received in the mail, I’m very positive that I am in the list.

I’ll beeline to the Wireless Center (Smart Tower) where I made my pre-order by tomorrow and update this post with what happens. I suggest you do the same if you have made your pre-order. Try your luck and stuff since it seems we’re not getting calls on the availability of the units.

Update: November 5, 2010

Commenter mark below has brought up another probably cause of concern for current and would-be Smart Plan 2000 subscribers. That after reaching a 1.5Gb cap, unlimited mobile internet browsing speeds will go down to 28Kbps until the next monthly refresh. Actually, from another Smart insider info, mobile internet browsing speeds will go down to 24Kbps, not 28Kbps. I got hold of the following unlimited data plan rates and schedule for Plan 1500, Plan 2000, Plan 3000, and Plan 4000. Note that I have only heard of the other three rates just now (I don’t know if I’d be flattered or exasperated that they chose to call the unlimited data plans with a name of an International Organization I’m currently a member of). Left click on the photo for a larger view:

Smart Plan 2000 and Other Unlimited Data Plans

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