Blog Action Day 2010: To Drink From Tap Again

Blog Action Day 2010: To Drink From Tap Again

Written by Fritz

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I’m only being honest here but this year’s BAD theme bored me to tears: Water. The Blog Action Day (BAD) team had been very helpful when they emailed topic guides for those who are lost with an angle to write and there’s this one particular item that turned me off the most: the action widget. When embedded, it’ll let your readers have access to a link to a petition “supporting the UN’s efforts to bring clean, safe water to millions.” Though noble and I fully support this, mind you, why do we need to gather signatures for this cause again? If people in global organizations who have the power to do this decades ago can not still discern that this is a worthy cause to pursue then I’ve lost faith. Oh, just because there are private citizens who’d do this for them anyway, is that it? There’s this episode on Oprah three or four years ago that showed she’s already built a well in Africa. It’s the same advocacy that BAD’s petition is trying to have signatures over and this bothers me.

If the UN did not get inspired, fully grasp the humanitarian essence of this deed, or if it would take Blog Action Day and thousands of blogs to give the UN a backing first before they can act then, sorry to say, as an Internet meme would put it, “I am disappoint.” It’s 2010. All of mankind’s concerted efforts globally through the years since 1996 have practically stopped the hole in the ozone layer from expanding. Look, UN and BAD, go ahead and do it, petition or no petition. It’ll make you feel good, the kind of feel good that’ll make you cry some happy, fulfilling tears.

I left the title as it originally was from the initial draft of my Blog Action Day article . Sure, I’d still wish to drink from tap again but those in Africa who’d have to walk miles just to have access to clean drinking water dwarf my battle cry in shame. I hope the 3,050 signatures (as of press time) on that petition’s enough to egg and cheet UN on aaaaaaaaaaaand I highly doubt that’ll be the case instantaneously. Still, I hope some time soon that some real action or miracle happens, whatever comes first.

As a personal advocacy to attempt in my own small effort to declutter the country I’m in with trash, pet bottles being the lot of them, I’d like to share some ideas on how we can all do our part:

1. Reusable Mugs: for those who are working in offices, carry your own tumbler and reuse it when getting drinking water from filtered water dispensers. I get at east one every Christmas and every one of them end up at home. I’m sure I’m no isolated case on this. Leave one at work, use, and reuse. They’re cooler looking than plastic/sturo cups and plastic bottles.
2. Sport Bottles: from home when going out in the field or going to school or places that don’t usually offer potable water from water dispensers, use sport bottles and take your cold water anywhere with you. My favorite brands for these are Sigg and Nalgene. These two are right about the coolest looking sport bottles on the planet and they’re available in outdoor equipment specialty stores in the Philippines.
3. Mind Water Fountain Wastage: there are still some establishments that offer potable water dispensed from electricity powered drinking fountains (like Buddy’s and out office cafeteria, for example). Observe. We spill more water than how much we drink when we bend and drink directly from the stream. Use a glass.

Let’s do our share in continuing to be mindful about the filth we throw away everyday. If anything, this for me is action more than just clicking a button to sign a petition. (NO to take out styro and disposable utensils!)

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