The Best of Anime 2010 Photos of the CosPlay Highlights

The Best of Anime 2010 Photos of the CosPlay Highlights

I’d like to get this out of the way: when the hosts during the cosplay contest proper said “dibidi, dibidi” on the mic and started laughing (happened after a cosplayer went onstage), I wanted so bad to tear their heads from their necks. Know what rude and uncalled for is? Yeah, that’s totally it. The fuck were those guys thinking?! This slippage aside, the one-day-only, whole day event turned out rather great. Participation in the talks were high, schedules were well organized and followed, queues were managed well, security was tight, and the booths were all packed. Had to wait a while for a clearing at the Chikara hat stall. There were even stalls for food inside the function hall so attendees need not go to SM MOA (which is rather far on foot) for grub.

I went to the “The Best of Anime 2010” event in SMX at the SM Mall of Asia this afternoon for three reasons: to shoot (and meet some cosplayers who I got to know from several cons before), buy myself a Chikara hat, and listen to the “Rubber Crafting Workshop” talk (for future possible costume making plans that will most probably not materialize LOL).

The event was too well attended. I was expecting that since the venue and convention place is bigger than the Megatrade Hall, with that long stretch outside of Function Rooms 1-5 included, there’d be a bigger space to move about. MOA is notorious for attracting lots of people during weekends so that must be it plus the fact that CosPlay in the Philippines has really gotten huge! There weren’t that many CosPlayers (but still, there were a lot in cosplay con standards) during the event most probably because the qualifying rounds for Cosplay Mania X, the biggest cosplay contest in the Philippines at this time, is due next weekend. I sense some serious preparations going on for costumes, props, and stage number!

Much like during my attempt at shooting cosplays during the 2010 Toycon, I did not bother asking cosplayers who the character they’re portraying is nor their names since some look tired and harassed with the sheer number of people wanting to take their photos. I don’t know how they can still muster to smile. Dig this: not one of them turned me down (except for the IronMan bloke who was shooing pedestrians away from him like flies). If you find your photo here and if it isn’t properly labeled (hover on the images for captions), do drop me a message on the comment section below so I may properly credit you for your kindness. Thanks!

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You may wonder (or not but I’ll tell you anyway LOL) who I am from the thousands who may have taken your photo during the con. Here’s how I may have most probably looked during The Best of Anime 2010 with my Chikara hat, face blurred with a mosaic reminiscent of good old JapPron LOL. Until the next con!

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