“Can You Spare A Minute?”

“Can You Spare A Minute?”

Ice-Watch Launch Photos

Apart from the side tables full of a wide variety of Ice-Watches (all of them available for sale inside malls in key cities all over the Philippines), the watches, either worn or carried inside ice Watch’s proprietary BeCubic packaging, were paraded down the ramp by models during the launch. Much interest was drawn from the audience by the Ice-World Collection Philippines design. It’s being sold from a very limited production of only 100 pieces per design throughout the world (and there are two designs available for the Philippines Ice-World Ice Watch, one of them is shown in the image for this post’s header).

Ice Watch Classic designs in BeCubic enclosures

Ice Watch Black from the Chrono Collection

Ice Watch Black from the XXL Collection

Ice Watch Ice-World Collection

Ice Watch Chrono Black

Ice Watch BeCubic packaging

Ice Watch Sili designs in BeCubic enclosures

Ice Watch White from the 1844 Collection

Ice Watch Chrono Black

Ice Watch Black from the Rose Gold Collection

Ice Watch Sili Collection

There’s an Ice Watch for Every One

I currently own three watches: a Balenciaga (silver case, black dial with silver hands and numbers, and black leather band) for work, a Technomarine (Cruiser chrono, silver case with interchangeable bands, and green woven detailed dial), and a cheap THB150.00 black watch with red crystal that I got from Jatujak in Bangkok. I have something to use for anywhere I need to go to (I usually wear the disposable red crystal watch when I ride the MRT or when I need to go commuting during weekends) but I still want more. The watches I own all have something in common: only a few can own them. One is custom made, the other rather expensive, and the last is not available locally. You can say I want an upper hand at uniqueness owing to scarcity (either due to price point or availability).

Ice-Watch claims to have design collections that can cater to different moods, age groups, gender, character, and social status (purchasing power) and rightfully so. The Classic, Sili, and Flower collections, for example, can be used tweens and even those in their late 30s. The Chrono, XXL, Gold Rose, 1844, Ocean, Gold & Silver collections can be worn by just about anyone. Some are priced at just over PHP5,000, differing by model, make, and style, and some could go for up to PHP18,000 depending on the collection. I personally like the 1844 Brown, Gold Rose Black, Chrono Rose Gold, XXL Carbon, Gold & Silver Silver (Big), and the Ice-World Collection Philippines limited edition watch. The higher priced ones can be a nice add on to my paltry collection of 3 LOL. Get one from my choice picks and you can never go wrong.

Some notes from Ice-Watch:

“All Ice-Watch collections are guaranteed for two years, intended for a wide public, are unisex, and come in different sizes. Water resistant from 3 to 10 ATM, depending on the model, with a dial glass in mineral glass, and a date magnifier on the Sili, Gold&Silver, Gold Rose, 1844, and XXL models.

“The crown, case back, and the bracelet buckle are in stainless steel, the movement is Miyota, and the hands are luminous. The bracelets come in rubber, leather, and bulk-colored polycarbonate or silicone. New collections come out twice a year in March and September.”

For a list of local stores from where these are available, visit the Ice-Watch Philippines tumblr website.

On Time Vultures

I have on two occasions been approached by very persistent marketers for UNICEF (and WWF from some months back) while rushing along one of them Ayala Ave underpasses. I always say the same thing: “I don’t have time, sorry” (in one of them instances, I have a 7pm appointment and I’ve 5 minutes left said my watch and in another, I have around 10 minutes for a lecture schedule). Looking back, I say sorry and, I realize, I didn’t even mean them.

See, the marketers stand too close to passing pedestrians, using their frames to block the way, intruding, imposing, and violating an unsuspecting passer-by’s personal space. Next, they ask for a minute and they take up more. Give them a hand and they’d want your arm. I’m sure they mean well as UNICEF and WWF are both well known NGOs after all but the “tactic” leaves a sour taste in the mouth with an even bad lingering after taste. Reminds me of Family First. At least UNICEF would say before hand that they are not going to ask for money. Well, not yet right there, that is.

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