Pictures from the bench/ Uncut Denim & Underwear Show (Part 2)

Pictures from the bench/ Uncut Denim & Underwear Show (Part 2)

NOTE: The post before this is “Part 1″ of the Photos from the bench/ Uncut Denim & Underwear Show 2010. You might want to head there first. Thanks!

You never guessed there’ll be a second installment to that last post, right? Me neither. Looking back at it and judging by the sheer volume of organic hits I got from my beloved Google, I figured, I’d give you guys some more snaps to oogle at. Same great quality and still low in calories and sugar. Great for the heart, too! I won’t be putting up Jake Cuenca’s ass shot nor Rafael Rosell’s with his undies down on his knees because that’s just plain tacky. Also, I figured, why is Ben Chan’s photo not in that first set? And the designers, when owing to them, the whole world had an Uncut Denim & Underwear Show for 2010?!

I did mention that there were several hundreds of models, dancers, and performers who gave their best in that hour and a half abs/bosom-fest and most of them will go nameless to the then spectators and those who will see these images. Heck, even I don’t know half of the names of all supposedly popular models and TV personalities in these photos. The least I could do for them and their craft, however, is show them to you and, hopefully, it could reach them and they can show others and they’ll go, “I was there, showed them what I got, and here’s the proof.” Good times.

Let’s start with Ben Chan and the designers Cory Santiago (Pinoy Lab), Furne One (Far East), Val Taguba (Brazil), Ezra Santos (Africa), and Michael Cinco (Russia). Applause please! Yes, in front of your laptops, Macs, or PCs, stand up slowly and give them all a slow clap. That’s it. Good lad.

Ben Chan

The Designers

Next, let’s showcase some of the performers who danced their asses off during the show.

Russia Dance Segment

L.A. Dancers for the Brazil Segment

China Segment Performer

Next, the models who really did well. You have all made your momma proud. Seriously.

nude models for Africa 2020

bench uncut 105

bench uncut 104

bench uncut 103

bench uncut 102

Pinoy Lab Models

Here are some tight photos which I deliberately missed to publish last time. As for the reason, ask me the next time you meet me in person. Maybe, when I’m sane, I’ll give you an answer.

bench uncut 113

Mark Manicad

Ron Morales

John Hall

bench uncut 107

Iwa Moto

Carl Guevara

Enchong Dee

bench uncut 101

Vina Morales

Jiro Shirakawa and Iya Villania

Lastly, here are some variations of the shots I already shared previously.

Andrew Wolfe and Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson

Jake Cuenca

Enchong & Gerald

Kim Chiu

Gerald Anderson

Margaret Wilson

Jason & Melai

John Prats, Diether Ocampo, and Coco Martin


Pinoy Lab Collection


It’ll be two years from now until the next denim and underwear show from bench/. I hope this collection lasts you that long. LOL

This second set of photos from bench/ Uncut can be found on my flickr.

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