November 16 Pet Society Items Preview: Thanksgiving

November 16 Pet Society Items Preview: Thanksgiving

Written by Fritz

Topics: Entertainment

So the autumn flooring that’s been lacking from the Faerie Autumn set will at last be available come Monday! I was bitching about there not being one in the forums. It’s either they forgot to release it or they listened to me, take your pick. I pick the latter LOL. That aside, It’s Thanksgiving week in Pet Society (facebook game) and the items look promising!

The one thing I don’t like at all is the Nannybot: a robot that will pamper your pet in your absence. As with real live nannies, they don’t come free once they render their service. They will require a battery that will last three days. The ad hinted that your pet will never get hungry, attention-deprived, and dirty once the Nannybot is powered up to do all these in your absence. This (most probably Japan-made android) Nannybot costs 400 coins while the batteries cost 5 PF Coins. A total rip-off, if you ask me. Why? Because the pet never dies even if it’s deprived of attention! It’s virtual, for pete’s sake! I never bought one nor will I ever.

Now on to the preview (thanks to youtube’s mayragracia, again, for this vid).

Moving on, as seen on the vid, there’s also a new autumn wallpaper and a cityscape with flying balloons. I wonder how that’ll work. They’re really nice to look at. Indian and Thanksgiving costumes are also going to be available from the stores. Also, those toy and food turkey look WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than last year’s, IMHO. Good job, PlayFish artists!

This update is tons better than this week’s (Hollywood week) which totally sucked.

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