Must-Havs from Havaianas Revealed in Photos

Must-Havs from Havaianas Revealed in Photos

Written by Fritz

Topics: Events, Photos (using Lumix ZS3)

You’ll probably say, “meh, slippers, whutev.” You are dead wrong! Deader than dead! So Havaianas has expanded their product portfolio to “Must-Hav” bags now. Great looking bags, at that. At first I thought, “WTF am I doing in this launch. There’s just going to be wimmin’s bags here.” I too soon realized that I’m dreadfully mistaken: Lo and behold!

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Those Must-Havs have names: Havaianas Mega (used by the artist guy), Havaianas Mega Printed (what the bread-carrying lady used), Havaianas Sack (what the little boy was carrying), Havaianas Side (what the guy in white suit had on. It’s a padded laptop bag, yes), Havaianas Tote (what the lady in red with red stockings was using), and Havaianas Zip (from the dude carrying a basketball). These come in varying widths and lengths and the straps are adjustable so even shorties (like me) can carry them (LOL, not funny).

You should see the fine detailing they’ve put into these great fashion pieces. Something in me was perennially shouting “WANT!” all throughout the fashion show. There’s something for your basketball, gadgets, puppy (yes, puppy), skateboard, bread, and flowers, as the catwalk models have suggested. Kudos to Havaianas, the organizers, and for putting up a great launch! (Please click on the image on the left to view the bigger picture)

As for these photos, I set my Lumix ZS3 to “Hi-Speed Burst” and took about 1,200 photos throughout the night. The camera forced the photos to be resized to 3Mp. Not bad, not bad at all. As you may observe, the sensor is set to freeze-prioritize the face of the subject and takes a slack on other areas. Fine by me. You’ve done me proud, Lumix ZS3. You are now my new bestestest friend. Let’s play some sweet music together during the UNO Fashion Show on November 16, shall we? Yes? Yay!

That said, all photographs in this post are copyrighted to me. Pay me big bucks if you want to use em. No exceptions (yes, I’m looking at you!). LOL nah, attribution is fine. Linking back to would be even more sweet ;)

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