Photos from the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 (PBA09)

Again, kudos to the organizers of the Philippine Blog Awards 2009. Despite your hectic lives, you have still managed to let this year’s event push through. Will update this post once I get the complete list of Officers and members who made PBAs 2009 possible.

Congratulations also go to the winners and the finalists in the national (saw what I did there? I just congratulated myself LOL), top ten posts of the year, bloggers’ choice, and special awards. My heartfelt thanks go out to the sponsors who still believed in the growing power of blogging as a medium.

As promised in my previous post, here are the photos I’ve taken during the PBAs. Note that I have added a new set below the main (flickr hosted). Scroll below to find out why.

Get the flash player here:

I would have written this at the OVI site to describe what was in the album I’ve uploaded just so I can give the post-processing justice but the entire thing was too long. Since the text got truncated, I’m having it here instead.

Know what? I could have opted to not have these shots shown. I warn you, the ones in this batch are either out of focus, obstructed, ill framed, or overexposed. I got to thinking, however, that there MIGHT just be a way to save them… by rendering them “vintage.” Old photographs can be flawed yet, still, they can seldom be judged as worthless. Often, the aged feel will even command respect. After all, they still chronicle a moment or a fleeting instant that may never again be replicated.

I apologize in advance to the subject in these photos. I know, I also frown upon the blatant use of post-processing techniques, believe it or not. If I may, as my last excuse, claim, I am still coming to terms with the power of the camera I’m using. I will try to be better, I promise.

Old style is the new style. The flaws of the images suddenly seemed acceptable as compared to showing them SOOC.

With that out of the way, please navigate the flash animation below by clicking on the image that interests you. You may also view the full-sized upload at OVI by clicking on the green>” sign beside the enlarged image after you click it.

Until the next PBAs!

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