Random Bait Experiment: Pet Society Fishing

Written by Fritz

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When fishing in Pet Society, the same kind of food bait may yield a different catch. Some speculate that there seem to be a trend on what you may get when you use specific food items. Look at the “Bone” bait, for example. 80% of the time, it will give you a “Puppyfish.” What I’m about to share is a result of an experiment I did using 10 of the same food item in succession in a single fishing trip. I have only so far managed to use a limited number of food stuff to date but I will update this post once I go out of “maintenance mode.”

I won’t guarantee that you will catch the same items I did. The point of this post is provide a trend reference that may serve as your basis when selecting a food item that can more probably result to catching a specific fish that you want or are looking for. As far as things went, there is no “best bait,” just good ones. Let’s begin:

Blue Ribbon Cup Cake (cost: 80 coins each): Squid, Silver Arowana, Starfish (2), Frontosa, Bluegill, Sardine (2), Squid, Shrimp

Blueberry Cupcake (cost: 80 coins each): Frontosa (2), Squid, Starfish, Altum Angelfish (2), Clownfish, Carp, Sardine

Bone (cost: 100 coins each): Puppyfish (8), Starfish (2)

Carrot (cost: 7 coins each): Altum Angel Fish, Sea Star Baby Doll, Conch Shell (3), Sea Urchin (3), Seaweed (2), Soda Can (3), Empty Bottle, Frontosa, Starfish, Bike Wheel, Shrimp

Cauliflower (cost: 7 coins each): Squid, Soda Can (2), Empty Bottle, Bike Wheel, Sea Star baby Doll (2), Seaweed, Fish Bones, Sea Urchin

Cheese (cost: 10 coins each): Flounder, Conch Shell, Sea Star baby Doll, Sea Urchin (2), Broken Pot (2), Soda Can, Empty Bottle, Shrimp

Donut (cost: 75 coins each): Starfish, Carp (2), Silver Arowana (2), Squid, Bluegill (2), Flounder, Crab, Shrimp

Maple Syrup (cost: 80 coins each): Bluegill, Clown Fish, Shrimp (2), Starfish (2), Flounder, Altum Angel Fish, Crab, Carp

Melon (cost: 50 coins each): Watermelon Fish (2), Empty Bottle, Seaweed (2), Broken Pot, Altum Angelfish. Bike Wheel, Carp, Sea Star Baby Doll

Milk (cost: 75 coins each): Paddlefish, Squid (2), Silver Arowana (2), Clownfish, Crab, Flounder, Carp, Empty Bottle

Pink Donut (cost: 75 coins each): Squid (3), Paddlefish (2), Shrimp (2), Sardine, Bluegill, Broken Pot

Will update this with the other food items. Meanwhile, together with a summary of the ones I got, here are four compilations of all the fish you may catch in Pet Society (see them after the jump).

I have yet to catch a Seahorse. Legend has it that you may get one when you use a carrot (the 7 coins kind in the Pet Society Food Store). The pet is tired. He’ll fish another day. I hope this trend list helped in giving you an idea of what the “best bait” is LOL.

That’s not all! Apparently, over at the PetSociety forums, a member shared a link showing all the fish there is for your pet to catch! Also, more fishing rods? Nice! Source is here.

Next PS fishing post: New Fish to Catch on Pet Society (as of July 31, 2009)

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