Passing on the Title of “Emerging Influential Blog” in 2009

Written by Fritz

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Too pageanty, yes? LOL. The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009 Writing Project is now officially accepting your nominations. Having been voted and having won as one of the ten last year was a great honor moreso since I never directly pimped except for the occasional “thank you (nominator), for the mention. You undoubtedly have exquisite taste!” It was as good a tactic as any that ultimately worked in the end, whodathunk?!

I personally believe that there’s nothing wrong with pimping your site so long as you deserve the mention, IMHO, because I’ve this incompressible belief that winners of this particular blog writing project can directly or otherwise influence what form future blogs can become. Will soliciting votes and ultimately winning do the results justice regardless of the winning blog’s merit? It will if, again, only IMHO, the blogs pushed for nomination can meet these criteria: relevance, uniqueness, and brilliance coupled with sound (not audio, stupid LOL) content. A tall order, yes, but I won’t waste my vote by settling with mediocrity.

I have to come clean at this stage of this write-up, though. I admit that I have not been “all over” enough to experience newly creted blogs unless they have been mentioned in the social networks I frequent. It would be a shame if I miss giving them my vote… make that “it would be a shame if I miss giving them A PAST WINNER’S PRESTIGIOUS VOTE OF CONFIDENCE AND WIN.” That said, I am making myself available for suggestions as to what blogs should make it to my list of top ten list this year. There is, however, no guarantee of a nomination unless my criteria are met.

(UPDATED LIST!) Having said what I must, here’s my partial FINAL list for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009:

Fritzparazzi: Detox Your Mind’s Eye (photoblog): what was originally a gallery have become home to my 3-of-a-kind theme’d photo blog posts, showcasing a selected few my shots as aided by different cameras. Now, if only I could update it more often.

[EDIT] I’m bowing out of this, taking away my photo blog site, to give way to one more nomination.

  1. Pet Society Blog (gaming): this blog is a supplement to the game Pet Society, first game to ever have 1 million fans, in Facebook. Site is updated weekly of news and information relevant to the game.
  2. Numbrd (photoblog): photos + numbers + trivia = a brilliant photoblog by Andrew Dela Serna, author of If only he’d update it more often.
  3. Internet Marketing X’s & O’s (internet marketing): Regnard Raquedan who recently finished his MBA in AIM, shares his expertise on internet marketing via this blog.
  4. Elyoo (independent fashion): Some of us sense it when somebody blogs to share their passion. Elyoo’s is fashion, styling, and photography/digital imaging. She’s so darn good at it, too. Visit her site and you might get glimpses of the answer to the nagging question, Who IS Elyoo?
  5. Vedio: The World Domination of Paolo Mendoza (personal/humor): It has wit, is provocative, it’s gutsy, and it’s a tool (supposedly) for world domination. What combo can be more awesome than that?! His entry about his entry about the convo he had with a call marketer who happened to wake him up cracked me up bad. Click the link and vote for it! Be forewarned that it’s not a video blog. It’s THE Vedio Blog!
    Paolo’s accounts were hacked a couple of weeks ago so this site is not now what it once was. Ang sayang, grabe. I’m hereby changing my nomination to the one new site that gave us all the LULZ in recent months. For the new 5th spot, I’m voting for Hay! Men! Ang Blog Ng Mga Tunay Na Lalake! (humor) I thought for a while that they’ll be gone after a few month but they’re still at it: castrating men or strapping balls on women (or things),  one blog post at a time.
  6. Through the Focal Glass (personal/photos): What elevates a blog to a photo blog than a mere web repository of photos? I label mine as “a personal blog either showcasing or supported by photos” which actually makes more sense than me calling it a photo blog or a photography blog because it’s not always the case. Anyway, this photo-peppered blog chronicles Johnn Tiu’s exploits with his chums from the Cebu Bloggers’ Society (CBS) and his personal insights as student, son, and promising photographer.
  7. VideoChops (vlog): as promising as his other vlog site, Coy yet again ventures into a, surprise surprise, vlog site! This time, though, he has bigger plans, just you watch out.
  8. Bakla sa 2010 (advocacy): He’s put up must-do’s and things you should know on matters that are voters’ registration and elections related. Bookmark his site if you haven’t registered for the 2010 Elections yet. Site is ran by no other than AJ Matela.
  9. (pop culture): In time, Japan will rule the world. Until then, all we can do is oogle at the cutesyness of anime, jpop artists, doramas, and manga from afar, unless we get our asses on a plane bound for Tokyo/Osaka/Hokaido. Good thing there’s Magnetic-Rose, bringing Japanese pop culture closer to the  hentai’s fanatic’s heart.
  10. Kelvinonian Ideas (personal): he has a steady fanbase so he must be doing something right.

Six(edit) Three slots remain so please stay tuned for the rest. Again, I’m accepting suggestions via the comment box below or my contact page.

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