Straight out of the N82 Camera: Hellraiser

Written by Fritz

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I’ve long believed and preached that post-processing photos off a camera is a necessary evil.  That Adobe Photoshop was made to be every photographer’s bestest friend.

Not today, though. Not with this set.

I got inspired by Helga and her SOOC upload today in flickr that instead of going full edit berserk on this set, I’d show my shots as is. No post-processing (just resizing). No digital image magickry. Everything’s “straight out of the camera.” Make that straight out of the Nokia N82 camera (you may go to each of the photo’s page on flickr and check the exif data and see for yourself). The result: no angry purists.

Given the right light to enhance the composition, better angling, steady hands, correct camera settings, and, best of all, the eye/taste for great art, anybody can make a 5 megapixel camphone spit out goosebumps inducing wow images (based on my humble standards).

Camera setting: Macro mode, no flash, exposure at -2.0. Lighting: caving light, 21 LEDs. Magnificently simple, yes? Subject: Hellraiser: The Cenobite Lair Box Set from Neco (owner, housemate extraordinaire Anne Gomez).

Here are the photos. I hope you guys like them as much as I had fun shooting them.

Pinhead, Chatterer, and Female II 

Pinhead and Chatterer 

Female and her exposed spine (with spine ring) 

Butterball and Chatterer 

Chatterer (the camwhore) 

Puzzle Box Cube 


Leather costume (detail) 

Female II 

More of this in my “Hellraiser: The Cenobite Lair” flickr set (33 photos in all). Access to the full sized images at 900 x 650 are only given to my direct flickr contacts, sry2say.

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