Surreal: Being part of the Axe’s “Dark Temptation” Campaign

Written by Fritz

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Probably one of the craziest things I did this year was say yes to a Jonas‘ “let’s pick girls up” challenge. The task called to have myself (and 8 lucky others) undergo a makeover courtesy of the organizers, go to Ascend, Fiama, and Alchemy, approach random/unsuspecting ladies (strike a convo, get to know them in the process if you can spare the time, then ask for their contact details), and have the entire thing documented by a roving camera crew. Sounds surreal? Sure is! And it gets better. We did this as part of the campaign for Axe‘s new fragrance, Dark Temptation.

axedarktemptationNOW, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Do not click out of this page just yet. Just because it’s Axe doesn’t mean it’s sub par, scent wise. I’ve been using CK Man before I tried Dark Temptation and not in my right mind would I ditch that for something mediocre just because of a one-night event. I mean, who would, right? (Trivia time! Ann Gottlieb, dubbed as the “Nose” for CK, is also the same person behind the creationof this new Dark Temptation fragrance for Axe, along with 5 others from before.) For the record, from that night do date, I found myself only using Dark Temptation because it does smell nice and it does not at all smell common for its price. I’m sharing with you one of the several whoa!-moments I had using it.

Just last night, during our company’s departmental Christmas party, an officemate went to me carrying a container with pieces of paper to draw numbers from for the “White Elephant” gift exchange portion. I was surprised that she lingered some and asked, “what’s that you’re wearing? See, I’ve been wanting to give my hubby perfume for Christmas but I have no idea what just yet. Yours smell nice!” I just stayed silent and smiled, thinking that maybe she was kidding. Then she went, “sige na! Tell me please! I really like it! Ang swapang naman neto! Ayaw mo lang ng may kapareho no?” She knows me too well LOL. When I told her what it was, another officemate joined in and asked, “that the one with the chocolate man ad?” I said yes and told them I was not even sure I was still reeking of it since last time I put the thing on was in the morning and it’s already night time. The draw-lots girl then said, still quite surprised, “Axe yan?! So magaling ka lang magdala?!” Yes, the officemates really know how to feed my ego. That’s why I luurve them so much! 

The entire thing started when Jonas Diego came up to me to present this big proposal. While he was selling the idea, I was all, “this could potentially be something… OMGFTMFWBBQHUHLOLZ!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!” Of course I did not say it out loud because that would make me look over eager, date-deprived, and pitiful. Instead, I did my fail-safe version of the contemplative-while-stroking-my-imaginary-long-beard-with-one-hand look to show a contemplative-and-NOT-AT-ALL-over-eager-ALSO-date-abundant character (*whispers* just between the both of us, I think he bought it, don’t tell Jonas I told you… shhhhh!). Since chances like this are rare, I obliged with a “f*ck humiliation, let’s do this, YATAAAAAAAAA!“ 

So the event finally happened and I went home that night, in awe at how surreal the whole experience had been, with several realizations swimming inside my head. Coming up to several random ladies is a tough job. As some of them go to bars and clubs to unwind and have fun, if some stranger approaches them with a getting-to-know-you intention, chances are, some could act repulsed and look as though you just ruined the night for them. It’s a major bummer for a starter and quite hard to reverse. It’s up to you to turn that resentment around with every ace up your sleeve: find a connection, appear interesting, be interested, be charming, and look AND sound “real.” As the night wears on and everybody’s feeing the buzz, it gets harder to just approach anyone. The younger they are, the easier it is to engage them in a convo (the Fiama crowd has “youth’ plastered all over the place). Common to all venues and anywhere else is a major rule: if the lady says no, don’t push it. Respect that. 

The documentation of the entire night is going to be put up in Axe’s website and it will be available for public view in January. As part of each of the participants’ profile, we were made to answer several questions. Here are my answers:

Describe the woman of your fantasy. Somebody with a personality (and sense of humor) that won’t bore me to tears. She has to be confident, charming, and self-made.

What is your best pick-up line? Pickup lines are dead. Long live “Hello!” About 90% of the ladies will agree. (Right, ladies? Hey, help me out here!)

What is your most memorable moment of the night? Getting declined. By an old friend’s cousin. I SMSed her cousin not a minute after, haha!

What is your fantasy date? Me standing in front of an easel with a blank canvas, acrylic paint and brush on hand in an attempt to paint her with the one thing that I think I know sets her apart from the rest (whatever it is that makes her stand out as a person, be it a hobby, her passion, her artistry, her childish ways, her mature outlook, or even beauty). It’s all going to be very spontaneous without her knowing beforehand. Painting’s title: Perfection immortalized.

What is the proudest moment in the history of your dating game? Getting declined only once out of nine attempts. Not bad, Fritz (pats self on the shoulders). Not bad at all.

I was with these guys that night: Jayvee Fernandez, Marcelle Fabie, Mark Cerbo, Ronald Guanzon, Joriben Zaballa, Diwa de Leon, Jeffrey Villafranca, and Jester-in-Exile. In the end, we all lost to Marcelle who got a whopping 50 contacts. I got top quality 8 contact details in my notebook, though, plus a hot proposal via SMS *w000000t!*.

I’ll share with you a teaser photo from the would-be Axe website after the jump (starring…. drumroll… tadaaaaa… me! LOL).

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