Look what I got from the mail!

Written by Fritz

Topics: Personal

This has got to be the best event invite I’ve received so far in this lifetime! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and see what I mean.

On Saturday, November the 29th 2008, the text on the letter-insert promised what the “chosen few” will get to experience: “Brace yourself for some fast and furious action as you get ready to rip the track and burn rubber. Get a crash course on how to max your speed in the straight-aways and negotiate hairpins – the way the pros do them. This is definitely one experience you can’t pass up on.”

OK! OK! You guys already got me with the horseshoe! LOL

Since this is a “for adult smorkers only” event, I made a private plurk on a select demographic but none of them recipients gave a shit. Oh well. Kidding guys! You know how much I love you lot!

OnT, can’t wait for Saturday!

Photos on this post were taken using the new Sony DSC-W300, 13.6 Megapixel, Point and Shoot camera.They don’t make P&S cameras like they used to no more. Seriously. :D

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