Paparazzied: Third Eye Blind Graces SMB’s 2008 Octoberfest

Written by Fritz

Topics: Events, Photos

A taste of things to come.

So this is how my gallery set would look like if I shoot using a DSLR. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Enough with the gloating orredeh! Here are the rest of the Third Eye Blind photos I took during SMB’s Octoberfest (thanks, Juned, for letting me borrow your DSLR of pure win!). While the rest of the gang/posse/beautiful VIP people are in front of the stage and somewhere among the crowd, Jeff and I stayed behind the trees on an elevated area near the right side of the stage. That’s foresight in the works right there! w00t!

Click on the thumbnails for the full sized image.

Thank you San Miguel Beer for having us over. And thanks for bringing the cool Third Eye Blind over. Goes without saying. It was a great night despite me losing, sniff, my phone!

View this set from my flickr.

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