(UPDATED) Now CONFIRMED “Eraserheads: The Reunion” Concert Updates

Written by Fritz

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I’m so sleepy, I think my eyes would fall off any moment now. Sleep can wait but these words can’t.

The “Eraserheads: The Reunion” Concert will push through on the same date, time, and venue (download the map to the venue from my latest post through here). August 30, 2008 at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Tickets are now available from all Ticketworld branches (call them up at 891-9999) or via ticketworld.com.ph and radiohead.ph (radiohead’s site will be up by tomorrow, Thursday onwards, as verified) for P800 (back area, P824 from ticketworld) and P1,300 (front area, P1,334 from ticketworld). It is NOT P1,500 and NEVER P1,030 and P2,060! Here are some more great news:

1. RADIOHEAD MEDIA SOLUTIONS, INC. in cooperation with SONY BMG, AS CONFIRMED, is producing the show from now on. Tickets are sold and distributed via Ticket World as already mentioned.
2. The Eraserheads will be performing MORE SONGS too, not only 10 as originally announced. It gets better. I heard it’s going to be more than double that original number.
(Can I palpitate now? Huh, please?)
3. NO FRONT ACTS. NO ACTS IN-BETWEEN. NO CIRCUS CLOWN ACTS. There will only be short breaks so the band can rest a bit. Even Ely, who has just last year survived an “acute myocardial infarction secondary to arterial blockage” was up to the challenge so let’s give these guys props!
(Hands over props LOL)
4. GATES WILL OPEN AT 3:00 PM and will CLOSE AT 8:00 PM. Be there early. Bring an ID with you, just in case. There will be food stalls inside the venue so you can just buy there or camp in
(if you’ve seen Beyonce’s stage, they say it’s pretty much where that one once stood, only a bit smaller this time)
5. AGE LIMIT for admission is now way below voting age. It’s now 12 unlike before.

Like most of the better (read big) concert events, security of the concert goers is at the performers’ and organizer’s top priority and seriously, the band has voiced this out. There are measures in place but that doesn’t end at that. Even the audience have a role to play. As the band is playing to give the audience a good show, while the production gets the logistics and security and entire party going, during the concert, it would greatly help if the crowd/audience could all please PLEASE adhere to these simple rules:

  • Follow rules and venue guidelines;
  • Behave for all of our sakes this Saturday;
  • Help make this reunion worth the time, money, energy, and love that we all would want to experience; and
  • No form of violence against anyone or anything.

Seems doable? Good.

“Why not open the concert to the public for free?!” What, and risk experiencing Wowowie all over again? Gimme a break! Squaring off a field for 35,000 spectators is not a joke by itself. They’d need tight security and technicians, specialists, and great acoustics to come up with a high quality event. With these going on simultaneously, the least we’d want to experience is a rampage. As for the fee, and since wise-asses had been suggesting this from the start anyway, now that it’s here, we’d have to spend for tickets like we mean it. As my friend Koryn had bluntly put, “we can’t NOT watch!” Right on, no matter what the cost!

So how secure is this event for 35,000 going to be?

There may actually be truth in the allusion that this event will be “handled more professionally” with the change in management, now more than ever. Tight security concerns had been there from the start. They have foreseen how much of a nightmare it can become and have been preparing for scenarios even when the gig was only in the then “invite only” mode. Radiohead Media Solutions and Sony BMG are, let’s say, seasoned in that they had seen through many other BIG productions and concerts in the past. If it falls apart (and hopefully it doesn’t, *knocks on wood*), short fall could most likely be from the end of the main producers who may not listen to scenarios presented by those who have authoritative experience (hopefully, but I believe them big wigs will submit) and the stupidity and stubbornness of the concert goers who would not keep the peace. There are trolls all around. And skrulls. Let’s hope they don’t manifest too much of themselves during the concert.

I’m still waiting for ticket distribution/availability/cost details like everybody else so bear with me and, rest assured, I will share them to you once I have them. (EDIT: Shared now.)

The concert date draws near with only four days to go. The question is, will it soar? Amid the complications and confusion, will people still see the Heads? Now that we know the real ticket prices and now that the press release is officially served, people are really REALLY SERIOUSLY EXCITED! I know I am.

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