Shooting 12-inch Dorothy (McFarlaine)

Written by Fritz

Topics: Personal, Photos (using N82)

Six posts before this one, I shared the photos I took of Anne‘s “horror” themed toy collection. Looking at those shots, I thought I could do better with a little more dramatic lighting here and there plus a notch up in composition for some edgier vibe on the shots. The moment her new 12-inch Dorothy toy (McFarnaine) was delivered, images of how I’d shoot that sexy statuette made my head spin. I’ve got to take her snaps and it better be sooner. Not long after Anne retired for the night did I make the doll pose, illuminating her with just a lamp and LEDs off a caving contraption, and the output took my breath away (not to gloat or anything but they seriously did. SRSLY!).

Whether or not I improved in taking photos of toys in just a week’s span, you be the judge. Hover on the title of the photo to reveal thumbnails of the four other photos in this set.

Anne’s post starring Dorothy can be found here.

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