Taste Asia Bloggers’ Party Deux

Written by Fritz

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After several exchanges as to whether or not anyone can come, TMB made it to the SM Hypermarket Taste Asia Bloggers’ Party after all. Nice to see most of the country’s more popular bloggers all in one venue! Forgive me if I just kept to myself, looking very timid and shy, smoking with the mob, as I was half the time hoping that someone would tell me who’s who from the hundreds who came to party since I’m new to really making an effort to read other Pinoy Blogs. I recognized several from their MyBlogLog avatars, though. There wasn’t enough time to mingle since quite a number left right after dinner but it was a great first-time venue to get to meet people, nevertheless.
Met these great guys for the first time: Jayvee, Riz, AlohaPenny, TJ, Ganns, Sorsi, Benj, Aileen Apolo, Tess Termulo aka Prudence, and Dhon Jason.
Congratulations to all the winners of the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest (or was that “Supermarket?” tee hee). My complements to Taste Asia for serving really delicious food! There was a point when I was debating with myself on whether or not the Tempura they served is as good as Westin’s, or better. The staff are courteous and well-mannered. They are kind enough to take my Coke orders and the mob’s beer demands with Swiss Precision and Japan Movement. Also, high praises to the organizers, especially to Aileen Apolo, for taking time out in making this event happen.
Here’s my share of photos taken from the SM Hypermarket Taste Asia Bloggers’ Party on August 23, 2007. Money shot goes to Mike Villar coming out of the lady’s comfort room (taken by Marco). To the guys of TMB (Peter, Mike, Steel, Ade, Coco, Bim, Marco, Liz, Anne, Sexy Nomad, Helga, Chris, and Aloha Penny), it was a pleasure as always being the group’s Official Paparazzi and, as always, your company transcends the normal societal context of fun.

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