Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 2 Trivia Contest

Animax 7-Ghost Fever Week 2 Trivia Contest

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Lucky contestant Marijoy Satana who emailed her entry to Animax won in last week’s Animax 7-Ghost Fever trivia contest by giving the correct answers: Frau, Castor, and Labrador. I told you the answers are right in the blog post and if you looked at the tags on there, then jackpot! Yay? Somebody from Animax will email Marijoy for details on how she may claim her Animax Limited Edition premium items.

Even if you have watched the 7-Ghost episodes from last week, you’ll have a hard time answering the next trivia question but have no fear! Since I have seen this particular episode, I’ll try and give you guys clues:

Were you able to witness the thrilling battle between Teito and Ayanami last week? The reveal of the Eye of the Mikhail and the Kor’s defeat against Frau’s powerful strengths were also as exhilarating. Plus, the festivities in the Church’s bazaar were such a delight.

Trivia Question: In the Church’s annual bazaar, what were the products sold on the three bishops’ booths (Frau, Castor and Labrador)?

Send in your answers to with subject “Animax O7-Ghost Fever 2″

Include in the body your name, mobile number and the url of this blog. Deadline for this entry is Friday, July 29 at 5:00pm.

Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person to win an awesome Animax goody bag!

Tune in next week as we witness how Teito decides to take the Bishops exam and reveal an arising rivalry between him and one of the students, Hakuren. Look forward to another trivia question on this blog next week and watch 07-Ghost Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm only on Animax.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

Ayanami and Teito from the series 7-Ghost

Join only if you have seen the episode because as I’ve mentioned, the answer to the trivia question is rather vague. Limit to a word (or two for Labrador’s case) what kind of shop Frau, Castor, and Labrador had during the fair. During the episode, they showed Labrador’s first where he gave Teito and Ayanami a taste of something pink that they ate from tooth picks but the delicacies were first served floating from a bowl of water. Castor beckoned next and showed the boys his shop full of items on his “doll collection.” Lastly, Frau, not to be out shined, also served the two something exotic yet edible. On skewers.

For your answers, say Labrador has a C□□□□ F□□□□□ Shop, Castor has a C□□□□□□ Shop, while Frau has a M□□□ Shop.

Take some time to send those answers because here are the Animax Goodies that’s guaranteed to make you shout WANT!!! An Animax Happy Andrada Bag, an iPhone Case, an Animax Notebook, and Umbrella. Even I want them all LOL

7-Ghost Fever Contest Prizes - Animax Happy Andrada Bag, iPhone Case, and Animax Notebook

7-Ghost Fever Contest Prize - Animax Umbrella

Good luck and watch out for next week’s trivia contest.

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