Rockfest Week on Pet Society (October 5, 2009 Update)

Written by Fritz

Topics: Causes, Entertainment

Now THAT’s what I’M talking about! I’m palpitating just looking these in anticipation. Thanks mayragracia (of youtube) for this update for Pet Society!!! W00t! My own stage with groupies and lights and amps and a new guitar plus an 80s hairdo… er, say what? There will also be a new food booth machine that has cheesy looking eggs (double er). Still, I’m excited about rockfest week!!!

I haven’t made an update on last week’s fishing enhancements featuring the knifefish and the pretzelfish and the pro fisher’s hat but I will within this week, I promise. The country I’m at recently got devastated by a storm is why. To empathize, we’ve been volunteering in every way we can to send help or personally help out our less fortunate countrymen. You may read more about the tragedy and how people had been pitching in from everywhere at the website.

Moving on, here’s the Rockfest update for Monday. These are spoilers right here so please leave the site if you don’t want to see what’s in for next week. Until next time!

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