Reflective: To Affirm What I Hold Dearest in My Existence

Written by Fritz

Topics: Personal

I see you are doing overtime debunking Christianity during the very season that reminds most of its permutations’ followers of the cornerstone that binds them in their faith, Benj. I’m sorry for not putting this in your blog directly. Long ass post this one. I’ll reply here on my blog, instead.

faith.jpgYour argument got me thinking. Why would a supposed omniscient, omnipotent, and all powerful “creator” let trivial old “sin” slip and taint the schema that will supposedly showcase “its” genius? If perfection is fundamental in the “great design” then putting in factors that will stain the “creation” with flaws won’t make the equation add up. Is perfection then, the core of what is to be the centerpiece of the blueprint’s final output?

I don’t have the answer. I can only weigh merits from arguments and try formulating notions based on what little information I can gather but hard as I would wish to get hold of strong evidence to back my stand, my efforts may probably only lead me to more questions rather than answers. The very nature of the subject dictates this most inevitable outcome because faith, much to the demise of humanity’s advancement, is still (and might even forever remain to be) intangible. It’s a concept, bluntly put, for lack of a suitable label. But a concept that many hold dear at varying degrees of conformity and passion.

Let’s say that religion is a hoax much like UFO sightings, crop circles, advanced yet fallen ancient civilizations, an anti matter, mythical creatures, evolution, the philosopher’s stone, the fountain of youth, demons, djinns, ifrits, or even psychological disorders as opposed to what is “normal” where normalcy is also dictated by the collective approval of (surprise surprise) “mere” humans. In the absence of anything tangible to hold on to, hoping to manage and hopefully counter harsh environmental elements, most would turn to an abstraction that is bigger than themselves. Something to temper folly because, in all humility, no one holds the ultimate best answer to every possibly opposable notion. This, my friend, is aptly called faith more than religion.

Faith, as opposed to religion, is personal. It can vary for individuals belonging to a congregation of the same religion. Its intensity may even differ for each person based on their prevailing circumstances. Faith is something that most people will continually choose to see and believe as a method to some madness. Madness driven mainly by poverty, incompetence, hypocrisy, corruption, and other similarly repulsive factors in the prevailing “now.” Maybe because of convenience. Or maybe not.

I still choose to hold on to my faith simply because I believe and it is this faith that gives me hope more than anything else. It’s that simple. Nothing complex really. I don’t think there will ever be any form of literature or study that can make me turn away from it. Faith gives me someone or something to thank for the chance at a life I’m given to experience, warts and all (pun intended).

Brand me as weak, a sissy, illogical, and pathetic in this aspect of my being and I’ll let that pass. Besides, I’m a sucker for “the ultimate sacrifice,” “random occurrences,” “the chaos theory,” and the “great unknown” like that. Having this faith keeps me grounded, feeling like a speck of dust, despite what I’ve done in this lifetime so far .

As you may notice from this nosebleed inducing article, I’m not one to bask in countering arguments. Rockstars don’t. They just are. Right, Benj? :D

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